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Telephone and Communications

Updated: 2014-07-30 / (visitmorocco.com)

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Cell/mobile phones, telephone boxes, internet, postal, fax and telegram services: you can stay connected for your entire journey.


The network of telephone boxes extends to the smallest villages. As well as these, stores offering private telephone booths operated using coins are springing up across cities. You will be able to spot them from their signs. Most cell/mobile phone operators have a network here, but ask before you leave. Top tip: don't forget pre-paid cards. Warning: rates charged by hotels are sometimes high.

Postal services

The extensive network of post offices makes it easy for you to send telegrams, parcels and faxes wherever you are. In the case of a simple postcard, you can find stamps in newspaper kiosks, cigarette stores and some hotel receptions.


Cybercafés and internet stores abound in Morocco, particularly in cities. They offer a good connection for an often modest sum.


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