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Shopping in Casablanca

Updated: 2014-08-20 / (visitmorocco.com)

Like the city, shopping there has two facets. Shopping for traditional Moroccan handicraft and shopping for well known international branded luxury items.


As usual, it is in the souks that you will findtraditional craftworks. Your shopping spree could start by Bab El Jedid in the old medina. This gate leads to the boulevard Tahar-El-Alaoui, which is in fact a long market following the line of the ancient ramparts.

You will find yourself in a friendly easy going atmosphere with beautiful little squares planted with palm and fig trees. Craftsmen and coloured stalls are one beside the other. The copperware souk is beside the Great Mosque and the old mellah.

The old then the new medina

All the copperware craftsmen can be found in the friendly copperware souk in the Habous district. These craftsmen work the metal and make all sorts of objects on the spot: chiselled trays, lamps, teapots and all the kitchen utensils so much appreciated by the locals.

Luxury shops

Morocco's economic capital also lives at a western rhythm. Outlets for the main international jewellery and ready made clothing brands can be found. They are mainly in the upmarket Gautier or Mäarif neighbourhoods and on boulevard d'Anfa. Casablanca also has a number of ultramodern shopping centres.


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