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The Africa Café had the humble beginnings of a dream in a South Africa that had yet to transform into the democracy and icon of freedom that it is today. Portia and Jason De Smidt had no formal training in food preparation, but armed with creative flair and abundant passion they were determined to open South Africa’s first African restaurant. Their idea was not warmly received by the business community and without much needed financial backing the only option was to open the doors of their small home in the Bohemian suburb of Observatory. They were determined to fill a gap in the market and create food that would celebrate Africa’s diversity and rich tapestry of tastes and aromas. There was very much a sense that Africa, through years of oppression, had lost pride in its heritage, and this inspired the dynamic couple even more to challenge and change negative perceptions of what this vast and great continent had to offer. Portia’s brother, Hector, came down from Johannesburg to complete the team and brought with him extensive marketing expertise to help boost the growth process. Needless to say the word spread and over a period of 17 years the fledgling restaurant grew from strength to strength in the face of much adversity into the much-loved and very popular destination it is today.


Tel: +27 21 422 0221

Fax: +27 21 422 0482

Email: africafe@iafrica.com

Website: www.africacafe.co.za


The Africa Cafe

108 Shortmarket Street

Cape Town




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