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St Georges Cathedral And Groote Kerk

Updated: 2015-05-08 / (capetown.travel)

St George's Cathedral, Cape Town. Photo courtesy Danie van der Merwe

More fondly known as “the people’s cathedral”, St George’s Cathedral in Wale Street represents the Anglican diocese mother church in Cape Town. It earned its nickname when it welcomed all races during the apartheid era, despite segregation laws.

The cathedral showcases Victorian-era design, complete with stained glass windows and a crypt.

Apart from visiting the impressive cathedral, you can take a meditative walk through the St George’s Cathedral labyrinth.

The Groote Kerk was the first Christian place of worship to be erected in the Cape, following the arrival of Jan van Riebeeck in 1652. However, due to numerous delays, the building’s cornerstone was only laid in 1700. It is the mother church of the Dutch Reformed Church in Cape Town.

Two decades later the church lost its crossways design, when it was enlarged to form a rectangular structure that could accommodate more worshippers.

The church’s organ was commissioned in 1953 to replace two earlier organs. It features 5 917 pipes, made from copper, tin, wood and a tin-lead alloy.

Today the Groote Kerk boasts an active family worship congregation affiliated to the NG Gemeente Kaapstad, and a community outreach programme, Hartklop, which focuses on students and young working people.

Services take place at 10h00 and 19h00, and have a strong emphasis on developing the faith of young people.

Website: http://www.stgeorgescathedral.com/

Surrounded by modern buildings, the Groote Kerk adds a touch of history to Adderley Street. Photo courtesy of Kleinz1

The stained-glass windows in St George's Cathedral have a fascinating history. Photo courtesy of MySkyGarden


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