Morocco's cuisine



Of numerous local delicacies in Morocco, three dishes stand out most:

Seksu or couscous

Seksu or couscous is a kind of fine wheat pasta traditionally rolled by hand. It is usually steamed over a stew of meat and vegetables. To serve, the meat is covered by a pyramid of couscous. The vegetables are pressed into the sides and the sauce served separately. It is often garnished with a sweet raisin preserve, or in the Berber tradition, with a bowl of buttermilk.


A tagine is a clay cooking pot with a conical lid that gives its name to a myriad of dishes. Tagines can be seen bubbling away at every roadside café, top notch restaurant and home. They are always served with bread.

Morocco grill

The tender and well-prepared meat has great flavor that needs no accompaniment. Just enjoy yourself!

Morocco’s cuisine is a delicious combination of mouthwatering flavors. Don’t leave Morocco without trying.