Traditional artworks



Morocco has a reputation as a kingdom of colors. Be it clothes, spice or even buildings on the streets, everywhere you go, there are an attractive combination of colors to greet your eyes. The colorful pottery plates speak for the country.


The history of silverware in Morocco starts far back and runs a long course. Handmade pieces represent a high point in skilled craftsmanship. Take a look at those shining gadgets and the reasonable price. Very tempting, isn’t it?

Moroccan tea glasses

Special design and accurate quality control ensure that every glass is perfectly engraved, sandblasted, decaled, frosted and hand-painted. These items are perfect for homes, restaurants and hotel use. They are also quite suitable for gifts.

Bronze teapot

The traditionally designed bronze teapots and tray sets with silver coating are a favorite choice for mint herbal tea, especially for some special occasions such as festivals or get-togethers with friends and family. Prepare one set to delight your guests.