Academic Research



——Releasing the Performance Report for World Tourism Cities

UNWTO and WTCF will launch two-year collaboration on the Performance Report for World Tourism Cities, of which the preliminary research contents were briefed during the forum of the Summit.

——Launching the Annual Report on Development of World Tourism Cities (2015), a result of the research on the development index of world tourism cities

By far, the Research Team delegated by WTFC has finished the paper work of the Annual Report on Development of World Tourism Cities (2015). The Research Team is aimed at, through element analysis on “world tourism cities” and the research on a comprehensive evaluation system, building an authoritative tourism city evaluation system that sets evaluation indicators and statistical standards with wide applicability across the world and a cooperative mechanism enabling multi-channel data acquisition so as to accomplish comprehensive assessments on world tourism cities to offer references and guidance for their development. The Report is to be revealed at the 2015 Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit in Rabat & Fez.

——Market Research Report on Chinese Outbound Tourist (City) Consumption (2014-2015)

With outbound Chinese tourists as its target , the Report presents a full picture of the outbound Chinese tourist groups from the perspectives of tourist sources, tourists’ preferred destinations, humanistic characteristics, travel characteristics, concerns and worries before trip; information like purposes for tourism and appealing elements is furnished to figure out ways to attract outbound Chinese tourists; the whole outbound tourism process assessments on information search, visa process, catering, accommodation, traffic access, sightseeing, shopping, entertainment and public services of Chinese tourists provide guidance for destination cities on how to improve the attraction to and travel experience of outbound Chinese tourists.