Forum: Diversity and Sustainability



On the morning of 22th, September, the Summit Forum and Tourism Marketplace were held in the ancient city Fez. Theme of the forum is Diversity and Sustainability. Delegates and guests discussed over the issues of diversified tourism resources, marketing strategy, application of Internet and Big Data and connectivity among members. The Forum is a critical part of Fragrant Hills Summit. Every year, mayors of famous tourism cities, heads of tourism-related companies and well-known experts and scholars would participate in the discussion.

Theme of the Summit 2014 was Market and Cooperation. The forum focused on new trends in the tourism industry, particularly the role of WTCF and the media regarding the topics of “WTCF: Driving the Development of Tourism Cities”, “Analysis of China’s Tourism Market”, and “Digital Media and Smart Tourism, Smart City”.

The Summit 2013 focused on the theme of New Drive of Sustainable Urban Development and discussed the way to realize the aim of serving society by international cooperation and communication, to promote the sustainable development of city tourism and to contribute to the economic and social coordination of each city.

WTCF was founded in the year 2012. The theme of the Summit was “Better City Life through Tourism”. The major Forum includes two specialized communication activates, the topics of which were Tourism Industry and City Development; Communication and Cooperation among Tourism Cities.

Secretary General Song Yu

Ms He Chaoqiong