WTCF and WLO Attend Beijing·Pinggu World Leisure Congress

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【Introduction】:Under the theme "Leisure makes life better ", Beijing·Pinggu World Leisure Congress (the WLC) is inaugurated in Pinggu District, Beijing on 16 April 2021.

Under the theme "Leisure makes life better", Beijing·Pinggu World Leisure Congress (the WLC) is inaugurated in Pinggu District, Beijing on 16 April 2021. Sponsored by the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, the WLC is co-hosted by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Pinggu District People's Government of Beijing Municipality. 

Upholding the concepts of leisure for all domains, all seasons and all the people, the event is celebrated both online and offline to include multiple contents, i.e. opening and closing ceremonies, award ceremony, 1 main session, 14 parallel sessions, China (Beijing) International Leisure Industry Expo and 9 featured leisure events. As one of the supporting organizations, the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) will be present at the WLC.

On the opening day, the main session themed on "Leisure makes life better" is highlighted with keynote speeches from specially invited experts and scholars in the leisure field, such as Christina, Chief Operating Officer of the World Leisure Organization (WLO), and Sara Dolnicar, Professor from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. The Executive Deputy Secretary-General of WTCF Li Baochun gives a speech on how to promote leisure development in line with the new tourism trends.

The flag (left) of World Tourism Cities Federation, one of the supporting organizations, and the flag of World Leisure Organization fly beside China's national flag

In addition to the 14 parallel sessions, the WLC also releases the Annual Report on Leisure City Development and the Report on Beijing's Leisure Development. The First International Leisure Lifestyle Award Ceremony will be held to show colorful leisure lifestyles. The WLC adopts an interactive "online + offline" mode which will engage more audience to access to a "Cloud-based Leisure Congress" by visiting the official website and WeChat account for further information.

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