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World Travel Cities Weekly VOL.90

Airbnb celebrated its biggest night ever this New Year’s Eve, with nearly 2 million guests staying in an Airbnb. That’s nearly double the number of guests who stayed in an Airbnb on New Year’s Eve 2016, and an increase of 1400x since 2009.

World Travel Cities Weekly VOL.89

For food lovers travelling to Korea the first ever edition of the Michelin Guide to Seoul has been released.

World Travel Cities Weekly VOL.88

Budapest is gradually getting into the domain of the favourite destination amongst the tourists and corporate travellers since it joined the European Union in 2004. What adds to the gravitas of this imperial capital’s status are the century old tangible heritage which are now serving as a respite factor amongst the business trips.

World Travel Cities Weekly VOL.87

The secretary general of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, Taleb Rifai, has congratulated St Petersburg on its recent success at the World Travel Awards.

World Travel Cities Weekly VOL.86

The 69-hectare site, with 6000 sq m of conferencing facilities and 124 hotel rooms near Melbourne Airport was offered with the potential to add a seven-hectare retirement village and a 630-lot residential estate on undeveloped portions of the picturesque estate.

World Travel Cities Weekly VOL.85

Anne Hidalgo unveiled a film promoting Paris, which will contribute to boosting tourist numbers. Directed by Jalil Lespert, it highlights the vibrancy of the city of Paris in 2016 through portraits of Parisians and visitors. It will be shown from next week onwards in France and abroad.

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