Budapest: "Queen of the Danub"

Budapest, the Capital city of Hungary, is known as "Queen of the Danub", with a combination of romance and vitality.

Wales: An Ultimate Adrenaline Adventure in Summer

White water drafting is definitely a kind of adventure sports. The picturesque Wales is one of the best places for rafting, with many modern rafting facilities, as well as the Cardiff International White Water and the Snowdonia National Park.

Vancouver: Experience a Cool Summer in the Rapids

In the sorching summer, the most refreshing activity is rafting! Vancouver, surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing the sea, has never been absent from this summer game with water. 

Hangzhou: Enjoy the Speed and Passion of Summer

The mountains, rivers and waters of Hangzhou provide rafting enthusiasts with unique and advantageous conditions. Rafting resorts here enable you to enjoy the mountains and rivers and feel the excitement in the shade of the mountains and trees.

Geneva: Enjoy the Summer of Peace

Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland. It is not only a metropolis where many international organizations are located, but also a tourist destination with rich tourism resources.

Ottawa: Feel the Charm of Nature by Drifting

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is an international metropolis. It boasts abundant water resources like Ottawa River, Gatineau River as well as Rideau Canal, and it's well-known for its different types of water sports as one of the most famous rafting resorts in the world.

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