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Dubai World Trade Centre Drives Impact as Economic Output Surges to US$4.98 Billion in 2023

Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), a global leader in the events and exhibitions industry, has once again demonstrated its significant impact on Dubai's economy in 2023, welcoming 2.47 million participants and hosting 301 events, 76 of which, were large-scale events that attracted 1.54 million attendees, with 46% from overseas.


Shanghai Issues Prepaid Travel Cards for Inbound Travelers' Convenience

Shanghai has released Shanghai Pass, a multipurpose prepaid travel card, to facilitate easy payment by inbound travelers and other visitors not in favor of mobile payment.


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UN Tourism Launches Digital Self-assessment Tool for Rural Destinations

UN Tourism has unveiled its pioneering digital self-assessment tool designed to progress tourism development in rural areas. The UN Tourism Self-assessment Tool to Assist Rural Destinations, STAR, allows local public authorities in rural destinations to self-evaluate and measure their level of tourism development.


Seychelles Official Licensed Taxi Services Unite to Ensure Service and Security

Seychelles Official and licensed Taxi Operators have said they are "United in our Diversity, Driving Seychelles Together" as they move to better their services and ensure visitors get firstly a better service when in the islands and always enjoying full security.


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