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Edinburgh Fringe Festival Unveil Details of New App for 2023

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society is delighted to announce details of the new Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023 app, which will be available ahead of the festival.


The Hague & Partners Convention Bureau Reveals Research into Event Legacy

The Hague & Partners Convention Bureau has released a white paper exploring the meaning of legacy in the context of global association and not for profit events. The key finding of the research is that legacy must be driven by the organisers, rather than by the destination.


Trade News

UNWTO Hosts Executive Training on Tourism for Rural Development in Middle East

As part of work on tourism for rural development, UNWTO has concluded its first Executive Training for the Middle East Programme.


Moroccan E-Visas Services Support Inbound Tourism

Since replacing the paper visa with its electronic counterpart, Morocco has received 129,000 e-visa applications, including 124,000 for leisure tourism and 5,000 for business. According to Tourism Minister Fatim-Zahra Ammor, 77 percent of tourism requests come from five countries, including Israel, which accounts for more than half of the requests, followed by India, Nigeria, Egypt, and Pakistan.


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