China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd.

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【Introduction】:China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd was founded on November 26th, 1997 by China Youth Travel Service, which is directly subordinate to the central Committee of China Communist Youth League, as the chief initiator by raising funds.

1. Corporate Overview

▲ Background

China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd was founded on November 26th, 1997 by China Youth Travel Service, which is directly subordinate to the central Committee of China Communist Youth League, as the chief initiator by raising funds. CYTS has been registered as the first of its kind domestic public listed travel company in the Shanghai Stock Exchange since December 3, 1997, with 415.35 million shares, qualified as one of the earliest top ranking-5A class travel companies in Beijing (share code 600138).

As a leading and comprehensive tour operator, CYTS’s key driving force is its innovation spirit, which the company promotes through the integration and extension of the value chain in the tourism industry. Thus CYTS possesses an excellent competitive advantage in many fields such as sightseeing and vacation package & private tours, incentive travel, professional conference management, business travel management, tourist destination development and hotel operations. CYTS manages a series of famous tourism enterprises and product brands, such as the CYTS MICE, Wuzhen Water Town, Shanshui Hotel, and the Dynamic Package for Individual Travelers, etc. In addition, CYTS also has branches in major cities in China and abroad such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Tokyo and Vancouver.

At present, about 1.5 million customers use CYTS travel services per year that has subsequently generated revenue of over 8 billion RMB. It is the goal of CYTS to become a modern international travel agency that possesses a magnificent brand image, has a leading market share and runs as a trans-boundary and trans-industry chain group.

▲ Historical Development

The foundation, growth and development of CYTS are closely related to the reform process and opening up of China.

In 1979, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee Secretariat issued the 7th document to approve the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League to set up youth travel business.

In June 1980, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League founded CYTS.

In June 1990, the symposium of the 10th anniversary of CYTS was held in the Great Hall of People. Li Ruihuan, the founder of CYTS and former member of the Standing Committee of Political Bureau of the CPC Central, attended the symposium.

In June 1995, the memorial activities of the 15th anniversary of CYTS were held, Qian Qichen, the former vice premier of the State Council, attended the activities.

In December 1996, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League held the national youth tourism conference in Haikou and it pursued the reform course of youth tourism.

On November 26, 1997, the head office of China Youth Travel Service (which is now is the CYTS group) founded CYTS Ltd. (now is CYTS) by raising funds as the chief initiator. Li Keqiang, the former First Secretary of the Secretariat of the Central League, Liu Peng, the standing secretary, and the secretaries of the CPC Central Committee Bayinchaolu, Jiang Daming, Zhou Qiang attended the opening ceremony; Li Keqiang took part in the unveiling ceremony.

On December 3, 1997, CYTS became the first travel company to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

On December 5, 2007, CYTS gave a reception to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the listing on the exchange market in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Hu Chunhua, the first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, attended the reception and delivered an important speech.

As an organization subordinate to the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, CYTS has gained outstanding achievements in over 30 years of strenuous and persistent efforts. Currently, CYTS is entering a brand new development phase. The main focus is “brand extension” and “quality”. This includes conducting a smoother process of the value chain in the tourism industry by aiming to build the top tourism brand in China and then enters into international market.

▲Chinese Registered Name 中青旅控股股份有限公司 (中青旅)

English Registered Name CHINA CYTS TOURS HOLDING CO., LTD.

Abbreviation CYTS

▲ Legal Person Representative and Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Zhang Jun

President Mr. Zhang Lijun

▲ Registered Address:No. 5, Dongzhimen South Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Office Address:CYTS Plaza, No. 5, Dongzhimen South Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Zip Code: 100007

Website: E-mail:

▲ Authorized Information Publication Newspaper China Securities/ Shanghai Security

Website Authorized by China Securities Regulatory Commission to Publish the Company Annual Report:

▲ Listed Location Shanghai Stock Exchange

Share Appellation 中青旅 (CYTS)

Share Code 600138

▲ Credentials

An International Travel Service approved by the National Tourism Administration of PRC

The first standardized national tourism demonstration organization approved by the National Tourism Administration of PRC

Qualified of ISO9001: 2008 by SGS

▲ Membership

World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) – Founder

China Tourism Association (CTA) – Member

China Travel Service Association (CATS) – Vice President

China Travel Association of Trade in Service (CATIS) – Founder, Board Member

China Youth Entrepreneurs Association (CYEA) – Vice President

Beijing Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) – Vice President

Pacific Asia Tourism Association (PATA) – Member

International Air Transport Association (IATA) – Member

American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) – Member

United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) – Member

▲ Awards

China’s Top 50 Listed Companies with Greatest Developing Potential (4 consecutive years)

China’s 500 companies in IT construction (4 consecutive years)

Top 20 Chinese Travel Services (3 consecutive years)

China's Top 100 International Travel Services (2002)

Top 20 International Travel Service in Beijing (2002)

A Class Enterprise of Taxation Credit in Beijing (2003 & 2008)

Dual Top 100 International Travel Services (2004)

China's Top 500 Service Enterprises (2005)

Leader of China Travel Industry (2005)

Wisdom Cup - Most Investor-Friendly Public Company (2005)

Best MICE Travel Company (2006)

The Growing Blue Chip Public Company of China in future Decade by the 3rd China Nifty Fifty (2006)

100 best investor-friendly A share Public company (2006 & 2007 ranked 18th)

Travel Service Management Innovation Award winner (2007)

Best Travel Service award winner in travel industry (outbound) (2007)

Top 10 Golden Shares in Win in China Campaign (2007)

Most Innovative Travel Service (2007)

Top 10 Tax Contributor Travel Service (2007)

Top 10 Brand in domestic travel wholesalers (2008)

Best Travel Service (2008)

Best Travel Organization (2008)

Best Business Traveler Favored Travel Service (2008)

CYTS is chosen by the Shanghai Stock Exchange to be the Sample share of Shanghai Stock Exchange Index and Sample Share of 180 Index of Shanghai Stock Exchange

Most Valuable Brand by Fortune Global Ranking (2008)

Beijing Famous Brand in 2008

CYTS is chosen by Shanghai Stock Exchange to be Sample share of Social Responsibility Index and Special Award of Corporate Governance in China (2009)

China Corporate Governance Special Award (2009)

Best Tourism Promotion (2009)

China's top 10 brands of domestic tour wholesaler and Beijing's top 10 domestic tour business tour wholesaler (2009)

Best Outbound Travel Service (2009)

Best Travel Service (2009)

First Rank of Top 10 Tax Contributor Travel Service (2009)

Most Valuable Brand by Fortune Global Ranking (2009)

Top 100 Investor Relations Management (2010)

China's Top 500 Service Enterprises (2010)

Most Innovative Chinese Company Winner (2010)

Travel Service Leadership Award Winner (2010)

Best Travel Organization Award (2010)

Beijing’s Best Travel Service Award Winner of TTG China Travel Awards (2010)

The Golden Award Winner of China Outbound Quality Service (2010)

Best Customer Service of China Outbound Travel (2010)

First Rank of Outbound First-Choice Travel Service (2010)

Best Outbound Tour Operator for Chinese Families (2010)

Meritorious Organization of China’s Outbound Travel Construct Impetus (2010)

Best Outbound Self-tour Itinerary Supplier (2010)

China's Top 10 Brands of Domestic Tour Wholesaler (2010)

Beijing's Top 10 Tour Organizing Agency (2010)

Best Travel Service for Online Reservation (2010)

Best Provider for Travel across Taiwan Straits (2010)

Most influential Travel Service Brand (2011)

Best Outbound Tour Operator for Chinese Families (2011)

Best Market PCO (2011)

Best Overall Travel Service (2011)

Most Qualified Travel Service (2011)

Best MICE Planner (2011)

Special Award Winner of Listed Corporate Governance

Winner of Disclosure of Listed Company Award

China Securities Golden Redbud Award-Best Listed Corporation of Small and Medium Size (2011)

Chinese Top 500 Most Valuable Brands: Placed 128 (2011)

Asia Brand Ceremony Place 219 in the 500 Asia Brand Award (2011)

China's Top 500 Corporations (consecutive years)

Best customer service in China (2011-2012)

CYTS’s Website awarded as the

Best Self-tour Design Website

Best Travel Service for Online Marketing

Best Travel Service for Online Reservation

The Advanced Enterprise in the 7th and 8th Forbidden City Cup Contest of the Capital Travel Service

The Best Enterprise in the 9th and 10th Forbidden City Cup Contest of the Capital Travel Service

The Best Unit of Tourism Industry, the Best Service of the Chain Stores, The Most Overseas Tourists Received, and The Highest Total Profit in the 11th Forbidden City Cup Contest of the Capital Travel Service

CYTS won the trophy of the 12th Forbidden City Cup Contest. This is 3rd year in line for CYTS in receiving the honor, and CYTS was announced permanent holder of the trophy.

The Advanced Enterprise, the Best Person, the Advanced Person in the 13th Forbidden City Cup Contest of the Capital Travel Service

President Mr. Zhang Lijun awarded as the Top Winner of Huade Awards—Public Image Satisfaction Survey of China’s Travel and Hotel Industry Entrepreneur in 2010

President Mr. Zhang Lijun awarded as China’s Smart Fortune Leader in 2010

President Mr. Zhang Lijun was awarded Le Tour Influential Figure in 2011

▲Beijing Olympics Service

During the Beijing Olympic Games, inbound, MICE, coach fleet, domestic, CYTS Alliance and the Shanshui Hotel provided direct or indirect services to more than 300,000 domestic and overseas travelers. Business range includes sightseeing, transportation, accommodation, consultation, etc. CYTS staffs have been eager to provide the best services to the clients, whose efforts have been well noted and highly complimented by administrative authorities in charge and various customers. CYTS received more than 60 group and individual honors or awards during this campaign.

▲The 60th National Day Celebrations Service

CYTS Travel Service Co., LTD, succeeded in accomplishing reception tasks for the 60th National Day Celebrations. CYTS was awarded the silver medal in the campaign Grow with my Motherland, which is for companies giving support to public parade during the celebration.

▲ Business Scale

From 1998 to 2010, 12 million travelers booked through CYTS resulting in a total turnover of 43.28 billion RMB.

In 2011, 1.5 million tourists used CYTS travel service with total revenue of over 8.42 billion RMB.

2. Business Scope

CYTS engages in the investment of tourism, high technology, venture capital and securities industry. For travel business, CYTS operates inbound, domestic and outbound travel business for the mass consumer markets, and also undertakes the MICE and corporate travel business. Besides that, CYTS also gets involved in the high-tech product development & technical services, tourism resources development, Internet information services, and advertising services ranging from design, production, and publishing.

3. Development Strategy

Ever since the company was listed 15 years ago, with the spirit of continuous innovation, CYTS consistently promotes the innovations to meet up with the tourism market trends in the way of adhering to market-oriented reforms, completing the innovation of enterprise system, management mechanism and the overall corporate culture. To establish a competitive advantage and enhance core competitiveness, ultimately to achieve sustainable development of the company, CYTS has been vigorously pushed forward to the reform of adjusting the business structure, penetrating the market segments, reshaping business processes, controlling of relevant tourism resources and innovation of business model & professionalism.

In the future, CYTS will continue to stick to the developing strategy and the objective of being an international large tourism operator, adhere to the value of “development decides all”, cling to the developing strategy of “brand expansion and scale”, persist in the developing principle of “progress steadily, develop creatively”, hold on the double-geared driven model which is the combination of business management and capital management, and persist in the principal of tourism strategic investment first, tactic investment second, and insist on innovation as our fundamental impetus of development, stick to the administrative principle of “innovation is the soul, standard makes guarantee, team is the foundation, IT is the key”, adhere to the developing way of “standardizing, specializing, branding, networking, scaling”.

With all these efforts, CYTS hopes to become an innovation-transcended, customer-relied, and society-respected international modern travel enterprise.

4. CYTS Brand

CYTS belief in brand: We share because we care.

Share refers to the process of service, which dedicates the most sincere solicitude to the customers by using unreserved communications to achieve the highest state of communications among people, and creating brand appeal from the intellect to the spirit.

Care refers to the result of service, which represents the highest quality of service, and impel the customer loyalty at the same time——Excellent service alone just cannot produce customer loyalty, but to provide the services to exceed customer expectations, and make the customers feel “care” from CYTS is the key element to increase customer loyalty.

As for the customers, the safety, the variety and the high cost performance are not enough. CYTS aims to let the customers get moved, and CYTS is always following the key principle. In practicing its travel services business, CYTS is committed to value and to serve its customers’ needs at the most possible ways. CYTS is dedicated to maintain its quality services in order to uphold its relationship and its trust with each of its customers.

5. Marketing Operation Concept

Through close research and attention to market, CYTS understands the development and demand of market, explores the operation rules of all marketing departments and keeps highly sensitivity towards market. Know our competitors and know ourselves; seize opportunities and take action; raise our competitive advantages with our professional techniques.

CYTS Professional Marketing Committee persistently analyzes and searches for the prospective travel market around the world. With help of its international networks, CYTS have been developing its marketing sources for its corporate development.

6. Product Concept

To provide what clients truly wants.

Product innovations will be directed by market demands and customer needs. The concept of diversification, quality and professionalism will be observed at all times to meet the individualized demands of clients.

7. Quality Service Concept

Customers come first, credibility is fundamental, and being professional makes perfect.

To meet the personal needs of our customers, and to raise the added value of our products with excellent service.

Quality represents the morality of CYTS, the accomplishment of CYTS, and the respect to all customers.

CYTS Committee of Quality Control commits to study different levels of services, enhance service awareness and capabilities, and thus develops clients’ satisfaction to loyalty to CYTS.

8. Travel Business

▲ Development goal of the travel business

We are making full use of our advantages in the brand, products, sales and services to expand the business scale. We set the travel service as the body, the accommodations as the wings, the chain stores, call center and as the medium, sightseeing tours, vocation tours, incentive tours and business travel management as the core commercial model. CYTS will spare no efforts to become an overall travel corporation, which possesses a magnificent brand image, owns a major market share, and runs as trans-boundary, and trans-industry chain.

▲ Inbound Travel Business

We have been keeping a close watch on the changes of the market, and the needs of customers. CYTS is promoting her position at major inbound markets by controlling key resources and improving management. Meanwhile, we are striving for a steady increase of market share with multi-business channels to extend our target market. We should not only introduce into experts externally, but also encourage internal professionals with incentive mechanism to obtain an increasing market share with the growing value of human resources. We are actively adjusting the client structure, strongly fostering new business, and accelerating the construction of the overseas network, therefore to promote the controlling power to the market.

▲Sightseeing Travel Business

Sightseeing tour service aims to provide an international products and service with high quality and high cost performance; what’s more, it also provides customizing service for enterprises and institutions. The main focus of sightseeing tour service is “detail and feedback-oriented service”. This service provides the customers with a professional and considerate service, which is of a standard, appropriate and integrated design; CYTS gains the prestige in the tourism market with innovation spirit; earns the trust of customers with excellent service; wins the respect in the same trade with professional experience. CYTS devotes itself to provide a better service for Chinese people in the manner of being the leader of the tourism idea, the maker of the standard, and the defender of the regulations.

▲Vacation Travel Business

In order to conform to the developmental trend of individual style, CYTS firstly and exclusively comes up with the Dynamic Package for Individual Travelers in China. The Dynamic Package for Individual Travelers is a brand new service type, which aims to provide a professional vacation tour service and “one stop” service for customers. Presently, the Dynamic Package for Individual Travelers has gained a high popularity and won a good reputation in the tourism market, and CYTS has become the top brand in North China. In addition, it is also getting admitted and recognized in East China. In the future, the Dynamic Package for Individual Travelers will continue to focus on the products, and provide a more professional, convenient service for customers with whole heart.

▲M.I.C.E Business

CYTS M.I.C.E focuses on the market of group customers, and is devoted to provide integrated marketing service which includes business investigation, incentive travel, conference management, activity management, education training, public relation consulting, AD promotion and exhibition for profession association, government and enterprises from home and abroad. For 10 years since its foundation, CYTS always sticks to the developing conception of “concentration makes perfect”, “everything done for the customers, products made with heart, service provided with sincerity”. Nowadays, CYTS has Beijing headquarter, Shanghai branch, Shenzhen branch, Jiangsu branch, Guangdong branch, Tianjin branch and Chengdu outstation in China. What’s more, it also has public relation branch, ad branch, and PE and tourism branch whose main focuses are on the specific market respectively. CYTS has become the most professional travel service provider. “Devoted to promote the steady reform and innovation of quality and content, becoming the leader in integrated marketing service among group customers” is the goal of CYTS MICE in the next 5 years.

▲Business Travel Management Service

CYTS Elite Business Travel Ltd., a sub-company of CYTS, is a professional business travel management company. By providing professional business travel solutions to high-end business travelers and corporations, CYTS Elite Business Travel is devoted to help customers to reduce travel costs and realize customer values with extensive knowledge in business travel, effective management system and strong buying power in air and hotel industry.

▲Tourism Destination Management Business

Tourism-Destination-Management Business is one of the main branches of CYTS Tour Holdings Co. The company is devoted to build Wuzhen one of the best leisure and MICE destination in China by strengthen Wuzhen's core business as well as developing its individual, inbound and MICE travel business. By introducing Wuzhen's Model, CYTS is dedicated to develop the new type of business model of chained tourism destination including sightseeing, vacation and leisure travel. In 2010, CYTS established the strategic cooperation with Beijing Miyun County People’s government, investing “the ancient north water town international integrated holiday resort” project. We will, in 3 to 5 years, strive to make the project be an international comprehensive holiday resort, integrating sightseeing, leisure vacation, MICE and cultural and creative industries and possessing high quality facility, interactive experience and unique tourist sites combining landscape and old town.

▲Hotel Management Business

Hotel Management Business is another important branch for CYTS. Based on CYTS Shanshui Hotel platform, CYTS aims to develop business class modern hotels in Shenzhen and Beijing under the principle of profit driving, with concerns of efficiency and stability, forms two core business areas of Bohai Rim and Pearl River Delta, and gradually becomes top middle class business hotel chains in China.

▲ CYTS Divisions

CYTS Divisions Operations

CYTS Department of Sightseeing Tour Business specializes in domestic and outbound travel, travel consulting, customers service, and handicrafts sales

CYTS Vacation Tour Branch specializes in domestic and outbound individual travels

CYTS M.I.C.E Services Co. Ltdspecializes in corporate Business events such as: Meetings, Conventions, Incentives, and Exhibitions

CYTS Elite Business Travel Co Ltd. specializing in corporate business travel, incentive tours, flight and hotel services

CYTS Travel Service Branch specializes in travel transportation service

CYTS International Travel Co., Ltd specializes in inbound Travel, Online Travel Services, Online Hotel Reservations, Retail Travel Agencies, Marketing

CYTS Hong Kong Co., Ltd. specializes in travel services, and overseas capital operation

CYTS Japan Co., Ltd. specializes in travel services

Canada CYTS Travel Services Inc.specializes in travel services

CYTS Shanghai International Travel Co., Ltd.specializes in outbound and inbound travel, domestic travel, insurance, airline tickets, branch establishment

CYTS Guilin International Travel Co., Ltd.specializes in inbound, outbound and domestic travel services

CYTS Jiangsu International Travel Co., Ltd.specializes in inbound, outbound and domestic travel services

CYTS Zhejiang International Travel Co., Ltd.specializes in inbound, outbound and domestic travel services

CYTS Xinjiang International Travel Co., Ltd.specializes in inbound, outbound and domestic travel services

CYTS Guangzhou International Travel Co., Ltd.specializes in inbound, outbound and domestic travel services

Wuzhen Tourism Holding Co., Ltd. specializes in tourism resources development, hotel management, cultural tours consulting, catering and entertainment.

Beijing Gubei Water Town Travel Co., Ltd .specializes in tourism resources development, hotel management, cultural tours consulting, catering and entertainment

CTYS Shanshui Hotel Investment & Management Co., Ltd. specializes in hotel services

Guilin Royal Garden Hotel specializes in hotel services

9. Online Travel Services is a professional travel website, which is also the official website of CYTS. Supported by technology and based on the standard configuration, establishes the platform of online booking and online payment and devotes to establish an open and national travel products booking and service website with CYTS brand as support and is an online channel for CYTS civil travel products and an innovation business department facing “new market, new need, new business”. Moreover, is an strong support of the main business and is also an future-oriented entrepreneurial organization.

CYTS Inbound travel websites (English:; Japanese: are professional B-C international travel websites, which are established for meeting the individual traveler trend of international travel market and leisure vacation.

10. CYTS Chain Stores

CYTS first introduced its chain store in August 2000. Currently, there are 55 chain stores throughout Beijing and North China. All stores perform the same operation, either in its marketing activities, promotions, operations standards or its accounting system.


Dongzhimen Store 1F, CYTS Plaza, No. 5, Dongzhimen South Avenue, Dongcheng District 010-58158080

Xizhimen Store 1F,A Tower, Xihuan Plaza, No. 6 Gaoliangqiao Road, Xicheng District 010-58301188

Dabeiyao Store 2F, 1-26, No. 4 building, Wanda Plaza, No. 93, Janguo Road, Chaoyang District 010-58203370

Yayuncun Store 1F, B1010 Room, Rock Time Centre, No.103, Huizhongli,

Chaoyang District 010-64906755

Chongwenmen Store Room501, #5 Building, Xinyi Building, Chongwenmen

Wai street,Chongwen District 010-67084498

Chongwenmen Store #10, Mall 01, Unit 5, 1F, No.5 Building, Xinyijiayuan

Garden, Chongwaidajie Street, Chongwen District010-67084498

Financial Street Store 1F, #3, No.1 building, Zhonghai Kaixuan Building, Taipingqiao, Xicheng District 010-58597020

Guang’anmen Store 1st Floor, Gaoxin building, No. 1 south Binhe Road,

Xuanwu District 010-63311677

Suzhou Bridge Store A101, #2 Building, Yicheng Building, No.11, Changchun Bridge Road, Haidian District 010-58815290

Guang’anmen Store 1F, Gaoxin Building, No.1, Nanbinhe Road, Guang’anmen, Xuanwu District 010-63311677

Gongzhufen Store No.49A, Fuxing Road, Haidian District 010-88270466

Anzhen Store #03, 1F, No.B, Beijing Global Trade Centre, No.36, Beisanhuan

East Road, Dongcheng District 010-58257636

Zhongguancun Store 1F, 501 Building, Beida Zhongguanyuan, Haidian

District 010-62762233

Madian Store 1F, Beihuan Center, No.18, Yumin Road,Xicheng

District 010-82254616

Hangtianqiao Store 1F,CYTS Shanshui Fashion hotel, No. 10 Fucheng Road,

Haidian District 010-88100071

Sanyuan Bridage Store 1F, #8, B Tower, #3 Building, No.1A, Shuguangxili, Chaoyang District 010-58222211

Wangjing Store 1F, Loftel Plaza, No.1, Huguangzhong Street, Wangjing, Chaoyang District 010-84726330

Dongdaqiao Store 1F, #106,Shandu International Building, No.8, Dongdaqiao Road,Chaoyang District 010-58703311

Shangdi Store 1F, #6, No. 23, Shangdi Jiayuan, Shangdi East Road, Haidian District 010-62967161

Yizhuang Store No.1, B3, Shanghai Shalong Business Center,

No.2, Tianbaoyuan Wuli, Yizhuang Economic Development Zone 010-67804280

Tongzhou Store Room 0103, 2 Building, Xinhuajingdianliyuan Building, Tongzhou District 010-80547678

Fuchengmen Store 1F,#12, No.15, Fuchengmen North Street, Xicheng

District 010-88365556

Changhong Bridage Store #102, Huixin Office Building, #6, Xiangjun North Street,

East Sanhuan North Road, Chaoyang District 010-65800081

Guangqumen Store 1F, #101C, Tongzheng International Building, No.80,

Guangqumennei Street, Chongwen District 010-51696660

Weigongcun Store N1-7# Tianzuo International Building, No.12, Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District 010-82101118

Jinsong Store No. 13 Dongsanhuan South Road, Chaoyang District 010-67707800

You’anmen Store No. 2-1 West Toutiao You’anmen Outside Street,

Fengtai District 010-63053966

Fangzhuang Store Room 102, 1#, 1F, No. 3 Building, 6 Districts, Zifangyuan,

Fengtai District 010-87557366

Gucheng Store Room 001, No. 53, Shijingshan Road, Shijingshan

District 010-68868509

Tiantan East Door Store 6#, No. 18 Tiyuguan Road, Chongwen

District 010-67191600

Jinyuan Yansha Store 1018K, 1F Jinyuan Yansha Shopping Mall, No.1, Yuanda Road, Haidian District 010-88895058

Muxiyuan Store A1001, #6 Building, No.67, Nansanhuan Middle Road, Fengtai District 010-87283868

Chaoyang North Road Store Room 119, #102 Building, Chaoyang North Road, Chaoyang District 010-85790008

Hepingmen Store 7-2-1, 1F Rich Hotel, No.1 A, South Xinhua Street, Xicheng District 010-63178461

Xiaoyun Road Store No.35, Xiaoyun Road, Chaoyang District 010-64627818

North Taipingzhuang Store Room 3-17, 1F #3 Youyan Building, No.2

Xinjiekouwai Street, Xicheng District 010-82240751

Sam-Jinyuan Bridge Store Lateral aisle of 1F cashier, Sam Membership Store,

No.158, Fushi Road, Shijingshan District 010-68846668

Wal-Mart Xuanwumen Store Across to the No.50 cashier, Wal-Mart Shopping Mall,

1F #1, No.36, Xuanwumenwai Street, Xicheng District 010-63049696

Daxing Store Rainbow New Town West, No.78, Xinghua North Road (2nd part),Daxing District 010- 69208199

Changping Store Room 3, Unit 2, #6, Jinyu Wanke Town, No.10, Nanhuan Road, Changping District 010-60749705


International Building Store 1F, International Building, No.75, Nanjing Road,

Heping District 022-23306988/23305678

Fenghui Square Store 1F, A Building, Fenghui Square, No.103,

Weidi Road, Hexi District 022-28450027/28450028

Haiguang Temple Store Room 1803, 18F, Shenzhen Development Bank,

No.349, Nanjing Road, Nankai District 022-58286688/58286588

Binhai New District Store Room 312/315, MSD-C1 Taida Building, No.79,

1st Street, Economic-Technological Development Area,

Binhai New District 022-59856606/59856608

Jinta Store A1 Store, B1F, No. 2, Dagu North Road, Heping District


Haizhu Building Store 1st Floor, Haizhu Building, No. 166 Xinhua Road,

Heping District 022-23035933/230035922


Beijing West Road Store No. 358, Beijing West Road, Huangpu District


Guiping Road Store 110B, A Building, No.391, Guiping Road, Xuhui

District 021-51001837

Changshou Road Store No. 70, Changshou Road, Putuo District 021-62763322

Deping Road Store No. 249, Deping Road, Pudong New District 021-50589989

Dalian Road Store 1st Floor, No. 752 Dalian Road, Yangpu District 021-65351313

Hebei Province

Langfang Store No.102, Unit 1, Yinheyijing Garden, Yinhe North Road, Guangyang District, Langfang City 0316-2380336

Qinhuangdao Store No.296, Hebei Street (middle part), Haigang District, Qinhuangdao City 0335-3579898

Tangshan Flagship Store No.32, Xinhua West Street, Tangshan City 0315-6328255

Shijiazhuang Fashion Store Room 603, Wuzhou SOHO Building, The Fifth Avenue, No.145, Huaian East Road, Shijiazhuang City 0611-66698188

Shanxi Province

Pingyang Headquarter F, 29F, #B Jinmao Building, No.1, Pingyang Road, Taiyuan City 0351-8211206/8211111

Wuyi Road Store Ground Floor, Jinjiyuan Building, Wuyi Road,

Taiyuan City 0351-3521232/3521242

Qinxian Street Store No.99, Bingzhou South Road, Taiyuan City

(Next to No.27 Middle School) 0351-7537509/7537549

Changfenghexin Store Ground Floor, Hexin Shopping Mall, No.705, Changfeng

Street, Taiyuan City 0351-4071908/4071986

11. CYTS Alliance

On April 3rd, 2002, China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd. established the CYTS Alliance. Its operation is to develop strategic cooperation alliances with the other companies. CYTS Alliance upholds the principles of sharing resources, complementing functions, benefiting others equally and mutually, and cooperating truthfully.

One goal of this department is to make sure that each member would provide help and benefit to the other members, so that China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd. can become a strong travel agency in providing customers with the best travel services. Another goal of this department is to expand the resources of China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd. by building partnership with new members or recruiting individuals that would help to enhance the competitiveness of CYTS Alliances.

▲ CYTS Alliance Member (By April 2012)

China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd.

CYTS Hong Kong Co., Ltd.

CYTS Japan Co., Ltd

CYTS Guilin International Co., Ltd

CYTS Jiangsu International Co., Ltd

CYTS Zhejiang International Co., Ltd

CYTS Guangzhou International Co., Ltd

CYTS Xinjiang International Co., Ltd

CYTS(Beijing) International MICE Co., Ltd

Guilin Royal Garden Hotel Co., Ltd

CYTS Shanghai Co., Ltd.

CYTS Guangdong Railway Co., Ltd.

CYTS Shaanxi Co., Ltd.

CYTS Dalian Co., Ltd.

CYTS Macau Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Yuci Chang’s Manor Tourism Co., Ltd.

Hainan Spring&Autumn International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

China CITS (Hainan) International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Luoyang China Youth Travel Service Co., Ltd

CYTS Tours Co. Guizhou

CYTS Sichuan Co., Ltd.

CYTS Tours Co. Hubei

CYTS Tours Co. Liaoning

CYTS Tours Co. Tibet

CYTS Yangzhou Co., Ltd.

Star Cruises (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Holiday International Travel Service Co. Ltd

Shanxi Taiyuan Sijifeng Travel Co., Ltd.

Xi'an Jinqiao International Travel Service Co., Ltd

Ningbo China Youth Travel Service Co., Ltd

Guilin Tailian International Travel Service

Yanbian Baishan International Travel Service Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Fengguang Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Huangshan Shanshui International Travel Service

Inner Mongolia Quanjing Business Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Jiujiang Zhongqing Travel Service Co., Ltd

Chongqing Changjiang Cruise Jiangshan Co.

Jiangxi Guangda International Travel Service Co., Ltd

CYTS Shanshui Hotel Investment and Management Co., Ltd.

China Travel International (Shandong) Ltd

China Youth Travel Service of Jilin Province

China Youth Travel Service Datong

Shanxi Wutai Mountain Youth International Travel Co., Ltd.

Shanxi China International Travel Service

China Youth Travel Service of Huludao

DPS Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Wuzhen Tourism Holding Co., Ltd.

Kunming China International Travel Service Co., Ltd

Gulian Internationl Travel Agency

Shandong China Youth Travel Service

Mianyang Holiday International Travel Service Co., Ltd

Dunhuang China Internationnal Travel Service Co., Ltd

Gansu Lanshen International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Jilin Wusong Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Youth International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Wuyuan Tours Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Lijiang Luck International Travel Co., Ltd.

Henan Yuntai Mountain International Travel Co., Ltd.

Qinghai China International Travel Service

Qinhuangdao Haiyan International Travel Service

Chifeng International Travel Service Co.Ltd.

Dongguan Youth International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Ningxia China International Travel Service Co., Ltd

Shaanxi Youth International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Jiayuguan Jiadunhuayun Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Ningxia New Culture International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Pingyao International Financer Club Co., Ltd.

CYTS Shanxi International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Youth Travel Service Co., Ltd.

CYTS Tours Co. Hebei

Tsingtao Jinqiao Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Hunan Qinheli International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Zhangjiajie Yongan International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Hubei Wudang Tai Chi Lake International Travel ServiceCo., Ltd.

Shanxi Zhongmei Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Diqing Kawadgarbo International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

CYTS Shanghai International Co., Ltd.

China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd

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