The 7th Illuminate SF Festival of Light arrived as scheduled, with 12 art installations -- Grace Light

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【Introduction】:For the seventh year in a row, the Illuminate SF Festival of Light has arrived.

For the seventh year ina row, the Illuminate SF Festival of Light has arrived. From Thanksgiving to New Year's day, the city will be lit up by 40 permanent and temporary art installations. Christmas trees and holiday decorations aren't the only highlights of the holiday season, but we've rounded up 12 installations to give you an amazing experience of light art.

Grace Light temporary installation

By George Zeidis (2019)

Location: Noble Hill, Grace Cathedral, 1100 St., California

Grace Cathedral is a landmark in itself. During the Illuminate SF Festival of Light, enter the church and see a spectacular light installation that shines above the church's labyrinth. Light streamed down from the eaves directly above the church's famous labyrinth, and visitors were enveloped in a 100-foot curtain of light, looking up through the slight dust. Lie in a maze or stand outside a 100-foot curtain of light and experience a 15-minute sound and light show.

Best viewing time: the public can enjoy it from October 21, 2019. Admission is free and advance registration is required.




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