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【Introduction】:With more than 280 imperial parks and gardens, Vienna offers and abundance of recreational areas that invite tourists and locals to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

With more than 280 imperial parks and gardens, Vienna offers and abundance of recreational areas that invite tourists and locals to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Green, green, everywhere you look


If you want to enjoy some peace and quiet in a green environment you do not have to travel long distances – you can do so right in the heart of the Vienna! Along the famous Ring boulevard, you can find several parks, which as soon as you step inside will make you forget that you are still in the center of the capital.

Stadtpark was Vienna’s first public park. It is the richest park in Vienna for monuments and sculptures, thereby offering some impressive motives for souvenir pictures such as the golden Johann Strauss memorial. Volksgarten and Burggarten were once the private gardens of Emperor Franz Joseph I. Today, they are famous not only for their Sissi Monument and Mozart statute, but also for the abundance of roses that blossom there every spring. City hall park has a symmetrical arrangement and lies between the University and the Parliament. The two halves of the park are separated by the City Hall Square, which hosts events nearly all year round.


Whether it is the park of the Schönbrunn Palace, the Palace Garden of Belvedere, or the Augarten – the mixture of baroque magnificence and the beauty of nature provide a nice contrast to a stroll in the Old City and leave an unforgettable impression! Although all green spaces in Vienna are well maintained, the gardeners at the palaces take special pride in caring for their domain and so visitors can admire beautiful flower arrangements, colorful flower beds, artfully trimmed trees and hedges and even mazes.


The Prater, which according to the magazine "Focus" is one of the ten best city parks in the world, covers an area of six million square meters. Although it is located only three linear kilometers from St. Stephen's Cathedral, nature is thriving in this area. Its vast lawns, woods, and water areas offer an ideal environment for relaxing strolls, brisk hikes, extended jogging tours, bicycle and skating trips, and much more.

It is the perfect destination for a family outing on a sunny day, as it provides an escape to the hustle and bustle of the city yet it is only a couple of minutes’ walk from Vienna’s famous amusement park filled with attractions that will make every kid’s heart beat faster.


Vienna is known around the world as the city on the Danube. In daily life, the Danube plays an important role for people, animals and nature in Vienna, with the 21 kilometer-long Danube Island, which was originally created as a flood defense. Vienna is also home to 29 wetlands, 4 rivers, 29 Vienna Woods streams and 40 ponds and lakes.

Especially in the warmer months of the year, the area around the Old Danube and Danube Island are highly frequented by locals as well as visitors to the city. The recreational offers along this picturesque stretch of water range from romantic boat rides along the river, natural bathing spots as alternatives to overcrowded pools and idyllic restaurants to relax and enjoy food and drinks.

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