"Los Angeles Travel Products 2.0" Series Introduction 1-Halloween Horror Night

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【Introduction】:In March 2018, Los Angeles Tourism &Convention Board officially released "Los Angeles Tourism Products ", which was loved and recognized by the travel industry colleagues.

In March 2018, Los Angeles Tourism &Convention Board officially released "Los Angeles Tourism Products", which was loved and recognized by the travel industry colleagues.

This year, combined with the industry survey and feedback results, and further segmentation, sorting out and digging into market demand, the new Los Angeles Travel Products 2.0 was launched at the recently held "Friends of Angels-Quality Partners" event in Los Angeles. The theme of the Los Angeles Travel Products 2.0 is more prominent and precise. It can be used as an extension of the small products 1.0 to add more highlights to the existing itinerary, or it can be a fixed itinerary for specific people.

Immediately introduce you to the most timely "Los Angeles Travel Products" Family Article-Halloween Horror Night!

Halloween is here, let's visit an exciting museum first! The Museum of Death is located in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles and is arguably the largest horror museum in the world. Various horror items are collected inside: photos of serious car accidents, baby coffins under dim lights, weird animal specimens, the head of a French serial killer after being cut, and a large number of serial killer-related exhibits, each of which challenges people Psychological. After the visit, everyone will be more aware of the value of life, and will cherish it even more.

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 10: 00-20: 00, Friday 10: 00-21: 00, Saturday 10: 00-22: 00

Official website:museumofdeath.net

To participate in the Halloween party, you must first choose a set of eye-catching costumes. The Hollywood Toy Clothing Store is a shop specializing in various cartoon role-playing costumes. Here, guests can find their own Halloween costumes.

Official website:hollywoodtoysandcostumes.com

Get ready for the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval in West Hollywood!

The West Hollywood Halloween Carnival is the biggest party of the year in West Hollywood, bringing together many fancy costumes and avant-garde performances. Invite guests to party in the most creative Halloween outfits!

Held on: October 31 every year in the West Hollywood block, visitors can participate free of charge

Official website:visitwesthollywood.com/halloween-carnaval

If you think the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival is too exciting, you can take your children to the DTLA Halloween Festival (FIDM). The DTLA Halloween Festival will be held every year on the evening of October 31 in the Grand Hope Park of the FIDM school. Here are small crafts desks for family and children, puppet shows, face oil paintings and delicious hot dogs!

Day of the Dead is a traditional festival in Mexico. It is a festival to worship ancestors and commemorate relatives and friends. Friends who want to experience it for themselves cannot miss it!

The annual Day of the Dead will return to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on November 2nd, and the celebration will continue in this historic Hollywood celebrity's resting place from noon to midnight.

Time and place: November 2, 2019 at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Please check the official website for ticket information:ladayofthedead.com/event-info/

If it fails to catch up with the Hollywood Forever Cemetery event, a large-scale "Dead Day" celebration will be held one week before Halloween in Los Angeles's oldest Ovila Street. Beautifully decorated altars, entertainment, and a Noveraria cruise make Ovira Street the most unique Halloween celebration in Los Angeles.

Opening hours: Free to the public from October 25 to November 2, 2019

official website:olveraevents.com/day-of-the-dead-olvera-street

Not exciting enough? Still want to hear a story? As night falls, the haunted Hollywood tour of Starline Tours' thrilling project will take guests to explore the disturbing ghost world and tell shocking stories! The two-hour event revolves around the mythical legends surrounding Hollywood and Beverly Hills. During the tour, you will visit hotels known as "Hollywood Ghost House" and Spartina House (Witch House).

Opening hours: Only open on Friday and Saturday from September 1st to October 31st, advance reservation required

official website:starlinetours.com/products/haunted-hollywood-tour

Or you can choose to listen to the story of Los Angeles while walking. Downtown Los Angeles Walking Tours is a company that specializes in taking guests on a walking tour of Los Angeles. There are professional guides who take guests to walk around the city, tell stories, watch buildings, and experience the culture and history of Los Angeles!

Haunted Tales, specially launched during Halloween, will bring guests a different holiday experience.

official website:dtlawalkingtours.com

Six Flags Magic Mountain with 19 roller coasters has maintained the world record of having the most roller coaster amusement parks. During Halloween, there are lovely trick-and-treat paths and Halloween crafts during the day. When the clock points to 7 p.m., various terrifying fears come from the terrible haunted maze, wandering zombies, the scariest clowns and ghosts on earth.

official website:www.sixflags.com

During Halloween, Queen Mary will launch a Dark Harbor event to bring guests an eerie horror journey. Board the Queen Mary to begin this nightmare journey and join the gathering of ghouls, ghosts, and vampires. Drink a glass of bubble absinthe potion from Big Top Bar and plunge into various horror experiences: the terrible Mary Lullaby labyrinth, Anubis's cursed paintball shooting, Freaks & Oddities performance.

official website:www.queenmary.com

Come to Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Night and enter a terrible world beyond imagination. Your nightmare will add new protagonists-in the studio that created the most scary movie monsters, immersed in a creepy horror atmosphere, surrounded by various demons. Escape from here, there are five horror zones full of fierce monsters waiting for you.

official website:www.ush.cn

Warner Bros. Hollywood Studios Tour Horror Made Here 2020 opens the door to hell, where many famous Hollywood horror movies are brought together to give guests an immersive horror experience.

official website:www.wbstudiotour.com

* Tip: Please check the official website for the opening hours of the above activities. It is recommended to buy tickets in advance during the festival!

There are also a lot of Halloween events on the waterfront of Los Angeles waiting for everyone to attend. If you want to bring your children to Halloween, Aquarium of the Pacific is a good place. Aquarium of the Pacific will host an annual children's fancy dress contest during Halloween, weird costumes, mysterious magic shows, wonderful underwater pumpkin carvings, creepy ghost stories, various weirdoes, weird in the hall All the animals are here.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 9: 00-18: 00

official website:aquariumofpacific.org

Burton W. Chace Park in Mariandell Bay is another option for Halloween family outings. A series of fun activities for children are organized during the day. The ghost ship at night will be a great venue for terrorist activities.

The historic town San Pedro's Day of the Dead celebration takes place on the historic seafront. The "Holy Altar Exhibition Competition" will display a series of traditional customs exhibits of the Day of the Dead, and guests can vote for their favorite works at will. In the 6th block, there are live performances featuring traditional features of Latin American artists. At the children's activity center, children can paint on their faces or make cute little handicrafts.

The Hornblower Halloween Party is a great choice for family outings. The party offers exquisite food, unlimited champagne, and specially prepared apple sparkling drinks for children.

official website:www.hornblower.com

Remember, Los Angeles Travel Products 2.0 can be shared online and can also create exclusive promotional posters. It’s better to act, quickly customize Halloween posters. Invite guests to scream with Angeleno. Have the scariest Halloween ever!

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