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【Introduction】:On November 15th, the Asia Leaders Forum 2019 of World Travel & Tourism Council was held in Shanghai, China.



Passionate 365 days-2019 city travel postcards

One year in Berlin: days of passion in 2019

Going to Belfast 's festival to witness the imagination of the city

Budapest 2019 offers a year of musical beats

Hamburg 2019, cruise with music

San Francisco: the most rolling festival, the most passionate city

Vienna 2019: the stage is yours!

Milan's tourism and events in 2019


Traveled a year and looking forward to another

experiencing the beauty of port cities in ship whistles and sea breeze in 2019

Daily routine imbued with gourmet coffee and literature

Delicious temptation in three South American cities

Atypical representatives cities of three continents

A journey of music in 2019: music lightens life

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