Portugal launches welcoming campaign #CantSkip

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【Introduction】:From #CantSkipHope to #CantSkipOpening, with borders open - Portugal is officially ready to welcome international visitors.

From #CantSkipHope to #CantSkipOpening, with borders open - Portugal is officially ready to welcome international visitors. The country is welcoming everyone with open arms, with the commitment to continue ensuring the implementation of health and safety measures which allow for tourists to maintain their confidence while enjoying their time exploring the magic of the oldest country in Europe.

From Stop to Start: Portugal is a safe destination

3.759KM of certified trails

1.860KM of coastline boasting over 200 surf spots

850 KM of beaches bathed by the Atlantic coast

25 World Heritage UNESCO Classifications

These are some of the numbers which continue to give evidence to Portugal’s acclaim as the World’s Best Destination for the past 3 years consecutively. Along with its superb hospitality and renowned friendliness, Portugal has extensive beaches and shorelines which host the largest number of surf spots. With plenty to choose from, beachgoers can enjoy uncrowded experiences, adequate social distancing and enjoyment of open spaces.

Tourists visiting Portugal right now will be able to experience the destination to its fullest, whether in its museums, UNESCO classified sites, restaurants and cafes, amazing viewpoints, protected nature areas, geoparks or tourism activities and experiences.

It is no wonder Portugal was the chosen country to host the final phase of the Champions League in Lisbon next month.

From Wonder to Wander: Portugal regains Tourists Trust

There is already evidence behind the trust in the safety of Portugal’s reopening. Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, is the European city with most flight reservations during the first half of June having risen from the 9 th position in 2019, as revealed in a study released on June 29 th by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

The Clean & Safe seal, which includes the entire tourism sector, has more than 19,000 businesses registered and over 20,000 professionals trained.

As a visitor to Portugal you know your health is in good hands. The SNS (Portugal’s National Health Service) is a universal healthcare system that is available to all, guaranteeing that no one will be denied the treatment they require because they cannot afford it.

Travel insurances for visitors

For the peace of mind of visitors, Portugal has now extended an updated travel insurance, provided by RNA Seguros de Assistencia, S.A., covering health expenses, repatriation, cancelation or disruption of travel originated by Covid-19, easily subscribed by email.

Additionally as an international visitor to Portugal you may download the Portugal Health Passport, an unofficial passport that gives you access to a special offer from private healthcare providers in the country in case you need healthcare services during your stay. This includes urgent care and preventive medicine services for fixed prices via the largest private health providers in the country.

You may also be tested for Covid-19 shortly after arrival, before departure or at any time during your stay in one of the hospitals and clinics included in the Portugal Health Passport initiative with personalized support in your language.

From No to Go: Portugal has good results in dealing with Covid-19

Since May, Portugal has been considered an exemplary nation leading the fight against Covid-19, namely because it is ranked 6 th in Europe for tests - with over 1 million tests done. From then until now all, indicators have evolved favorably - namely with the number of active cases decreasing 45% which allowed almost all of the country to enter a new stage of deconfinement on July 1st, with only minimal restrictions imposed.

A clear sign of the effective management of the pandemic is the exceptional records in most of the regions in Portugal. Madeira does not have any active infections since June 21st and only accounts for 0,2% of total cases in Portugal since the outbreak began. The Azores Archipelago does not have active infections registered for over a week and accounts only for 0.4% of total cases in Portugal. The Algarve registered only 1.5% of the cases in Portugal and Alentejo stands at 1.1%. These numbers reveal an extremely low contagion rate.

From Look to Book: Portugal, the World’s Best Destination, is accessible to Tourists

Portugal has open borders, open tourism activities and is ready to welcome tourists in all regions. With the resumption of air connectivity being made gradually, there is an expectation of a short-term recovery of air routes of about 30% in July and 60% in August.

At this moment Portugal already has air connectivity to over 80 cities with 25 Airlines assuring international flights to Portugal’s 5 airports.

So, if you are feeling the wanderlust, the need to take a break, to reset or switch off, to reconnect or simply to have fun in the sun - you can book your trip right now. While you dream of those amazing days to come, you can experience the destination as it is right now through our social networks, live from our beaches or through or website where you can check updated tips and suggestions on travel and tourism in Portugal.

Portugal has held the title of Best Destination in the World for three consecutive years and remains authentic, diverse, attractive, inclusive and safe. It maintains the purpose and the commitment to welcome all, respect differences and today, more than ever, to guarantee that everyone can travel around the country completely safely and with confidence.

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