Traveling close to home: Summer 2020 vacation plans amidst COVID-19

Publish Time:2020-09-24 09:24:33Source:Travel Daily News

【Introduction】:VacationRenter surveyed just over 1,000 American travelers to learn more about their opinions surrounding traveling in our current climate and how COVID-19 has affected their travel plans for the remainder of 2020.

VacationRenter noticed Americans are searching for travel spots closer to home. To explore this trend, they analyzed internal data on the distance from home people were searching for travel and surveyed 1,000 Americans about travel plans. Some findings:

From Feb. to April, the average miles from home people searched for travel fell by 133.7 miles.

June 2020 saw a 13.6% decrease in avg. miles from home searched vs. June 2019.

Cities with the biggest percent decrease in miles from home searched this year: NYC (-43.9%), San Antonio, TX (-41.3%), and Houston, TX (-35.6%).

After COVID-19 concerns subside, 70% of Americans say they’re more likely to take a vacation within driving distance vs. one further away by plane, boat, train, or bus.

Americans plan to spend or have spent an average of $1,000 per person on their vacations.


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