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【Introduction】:Shanghai Spring International Travel Service (Group) Co., Ltd (“Shanghai Spring Tour”) was established in 1981.

Shanghai Spring International Travel Service Ltd: ( Shanghai Spring Tour)

Shanghai Spring International Travel Service. Ltd (“Shanghai Spring Tour”) was established in 1981. After great dedication and hard work, now it has become the single largest private travel service in China with over 4000 employees and affiliate companies and stations in every major tour cities in China and in North America, Europe and Asian countries. Shanghai Spring Tour is the first and only travel service in China to own its own airline – Spring Airline. Shanghai Spring Tour also conducts business which covers the area of in-bound and out-bound tour markets, MICE (Meeting Incentive Convention & Exhibition), Airline, Hotel reservation, etc. In addition, Shanghai Spring Tour has been honored successively since 1994 by the China National Tourism Administration Bureau as the “number one of the 100 top travel services” in China.

Shanghai Spring Airline: ( Spring Airlines)

Spring Airlines is the aviation subsidiary of the Shanghai Spring International Travel Service. It is the first low-cost airline based in Shanghai, China. While the company has adopted the English name “Spring Airlines”, the Chinese characters literally mean “Spring and Autumn Airlines”. It was given the approval to be established on 26 May 2004, and started operations on 18 July 2005.

The airline took delivery of its first aircraft, an Airbus A320 (formerly of Lotus Air), on 12 July 2005, at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. Spring Airline has daily flights to over 20 cities in China. To keep operating costs low, Spring Airlines sells tickets exclusively from its website and offers no complimentary on-board meals, but only bottled water on flights. However, customers can still purchase meals on board.

In late July of 2009, Spring Airlines’ plan to establish overseas routes was granted by the General Administration of Civil Aviation making it the second private carrier in China to explore the international market. The airline plans to operate short-distance routes linking mainland Chinese cities to Hong Kong and Macau, as well as neighboring countries such as Japan, South Korea and Russia. By the end of July 2010, Spring Airline will fly from Shanghai to Ibaraki.

Shanghai Spring International Travel Service USA Inc. (Spring Tour)

Shanghai Spring International Travel Service USA Inc. is a leading and highly respected travel organization that has been at the forefront of the travel industry in Los Angeles since 1992, catering for the needs of the discerning leisure and business travelers of both the Outbound and the Inbound Travel. Spring Tour is a branch company affiliated to Shanghai Spring International Travel Service Ltd located in Shanghai China.

Both Shanghai Spring International Travel Service head office in China and Shanghai Spring International Travel Service USA Inc are the designated tour companies authorized by China National Tourism Administration Bureau and US National Tour Association to engage in organizing the Chinese leisure groups traveling to the USA.

Spring Tour is the registered member of ARC, NTA, ASTA and CNTA.

Why Spring Tour

With the head office based in Shanghai China, Shanghai Spring Tour has the branch companies in every city in China. Every tour organized by Spring Tour from USA will be taken good care of by Shanghai Spring Tour branch companies in each city to be visited in China.

Spring Tour comes from China and we know China. Because of this, we provide unparalleled local expertise: we know the area’s top attractions and we have our own branch companies and also strong relationships with our local partners. On top of this, should any snag arise during the trip in China for any tour groups, we have the experience and the support network to take care of the situation-and take care of each tour. So, don’t risk your trip with anyone else: go with the China Experts – Shanghai Spring Tour.

The Ultimate in Tour Products

Unlike many other tour operators, our head office is based in China. We invest on ongoing Research and Development to ensure the best experiences for our clients. And our local colleagues constantly update us on the latest advances in tourism infrastructure and give input enabling us to continually upgrade our tour programs. We endeavor to introduce our clients to sites that truly reflect the country’s heritage, culture and natural beauty as well as places where Eastern hospitality is the essence of life to give you the very BEST of CHINA.

Extraordinary Value

We make good use of the clout and purchasing power of Shanghai Spring Tour when contracting with hotels, cruise ships, airlines and bus companies, etc. So, we can pass on to our clients the best travel values.

Superior Tour Operations

Because we have our own travel network throughout China, we do not need to subcontract the tours organized by us to others. And that means every tour from us will be in good hands throughout their stay. Also, our tours are all jointly planned and operated by our own Shanghai Spring Tours offices in Beijing and Shanghai in China as well as other cities in China. Truly, our reputation rests on our honest and caring approach to our clients. Every year, we use client feedback to adapt our programs to make sure that are offered the BEST. This attention to detail is the key to our continued success.

Custom-Tailored Journeys

As the U.S. arm of Shanghai Spring Tours in China, Spring Tour has the unique capacity to design almost any itinerary for a trip to China, apart from those shown in the brochure. Our Special Interest Tours include festival-focused trips, education tour, business discovery tour, culinary tours, accessible tours to people with disability, Yangtze River cruise tours, train travel on the world’s highest railway and more. We will make the special customized tour schedules for your private tour based on your interest and your request. We also make arrangement for the seminars and culture exchanges activities for tours to China according to the specific request from the clients.

As China’s national brand name in the travel industry, Shanghai Spring International Travel Service USA Inc welcomes you to China and invites you to experience the trip of a lifetime by taking one and more of our tours!

Shanghai Spring International Travel Service USA Inc.
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