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Travelling through History at the Center of Athens

Updated: 2014-06-10 / (visitgreece.gr)

If you do not have enough time to visit all sites, this route (around 3.5 km) will take you to the most remarkable sites in Athens. A walk where you will see classic ancient times and all other historic periods, the architectural evolution and all phases of the city development until the 21st century (classic period, Romaic period, Byzantine, Ottoman occupation, neo classic times and 20th century). In reality, it is a journey through history itself, an activity that only Athens can offer…


Herodus Atticus Odeon 


Byzantine Athens 

Ottoman Occupation Period 

Syntagma Square


Vassilissis Sofias Avenue

One of the most impressive avenues in Athens, starting from Syntagma Square and ending up in Abelokipous area. Its former name was Kifissias, because it connected Athens with the traditional homonym suburb. Even though it has lost part of its character as a classic avenue, it is still one of the most charming routes in the city, as along its way there are many beautiful buildings, museums and lush green areas.

Sightseeing (from Syntagma Square to Abelokipous area):

Building of Foreign Affairs Ministry (5 Vassilissis Sofias). Designed by E. Ziller (1872-1873), it belonged to Syggrou family until 1921. Then it was legated to the Greek Government. This neo classic mansion has been announced as work of art, and houses Ministry’s central services. In 1985 it was annexed to a new building, which is located in Zalokostas Str.

French Embassy (Psicha Mansion). An impressive three storey building located at the corner of Akadimia Str. It was built in 1894 by An. Metaksa for Psicha family. It is a remarkable building, which combines modernistic decoration with neo classic style.

Italian Embassy. House of Prince Nikolaos until the first exile of the royal family in 1917. It was then turned into a luxurious hotel (“Le Petit Palais”) and later it was bought by the Italian Government in order to house its embassy.

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