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On Foot - Kolonaki-Riggilis Area-Mets

Updated: 2014-06-10 / (visitgreece.gr)


It is located in the central part of the city as it extends from Syntagma Square and Vassilissis Sofias Avenue to Lycabetus Hill foot. It took its name from the old column (kolonaki) which stands in the middle of the homonym square. Until the 1880’s it was a sparsely inhabited area with only few houses. It has lots of green areas and beautiful architecture with dominating neoclassic and modernistic buildings of high standards that give it an aristocratic character. It is considered to be the “aristocratic” district of Athens with many expensive shops, popular coffee houses, busy modern bars and luxurious restaurants. Some streets worth to walk on are Patriarchou Ioakim, Tsakalof, Anagnostopoulou, Milioni, Fokilidou, Karneadou, Loukianou, Ploutarchou, Charitos, Spefsipou, the ring-road of Lycabetus Hill etc.


Kolonaki Square (Filikis Eterias). One of the must things that you have to do in Athens is to drink coffee in one of the coffee places in Kolonaki. Spending time in one of the square coffee places, drinking, eating and chatting, is a must to do for every modern Athenian as well as foreign visitor.

Deksameni Square. It is a small square where locals spend their time. The traditional coffee house of the square is very popular with Athenians and other visitors, and once was a meeting point for many intellectuals of the 20th century. There is also an old water reservoir and a summer cinema.

Skoufa Street A central street of Kolonaki with many neoclassic and art deco buildings. Until you reach Delfon Str. you will see many shops and modern coffee houses.

Aghios Dionisios (Skoufa Str.). This impressive church was built in the beginning of the 1930’s on the ruins of another church. Its exterior is of cinquecento style while its interior has been decorated in Byzantine style. Aghios Dionisios Aeropagitis, one of the first Athenian Christians, is the patron saint of Athens.

Lycabetus Square. It is located behind Aghios Dionisios Church (in the intersection of Lycabetus and Anagnostopoulou Streets). Dragoumi Mansion (1925), which in the past housed Brazilian Embassy and today is a private residence, dominates in the square.

Marasleio. It is a very impressive neoclassic building (in the intersection of Marasli and Spefsipou Streets) designed by architect D. Kallia (1905) and houses the educational foundation “Marasleio Elementary School".

Voukourestiou Street. A typical Athenian street, which begins from Lycabetus Hill foot and ends up in Syntagma Square. In its pedestrian part (from Akadimias Str. to Panepistimiou Str.) there are numerous beautiful coffee places and bars that gather many Athenians.

Gennadios Library. An impressive building of classic style, inaugurated in 1926 to house a collection of books (overall 26.000 volumes) donated to Athens American School of Classic Studies by I. Gennadios. In 1960 this building was extended and a large garden with rich vegetation was planted around it (for the collections and the books of the library.

Shopping in Kolonaki. Some of the most modern boutiques in town known for products such as haut couture clothes of Greek and foreign designers, shoes and leather apparels, accessories, toys, antique furniture, jewels, items for the house etc are situated here. In Voukourestiou Str. and other streets around Syntagma Square you will find Greek jewelers of worldwide reputation, book stores that expertise in foreign publication, as well as remarkable galleries which host art works of Greek painters and sculptures.

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