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On Foot - From Syntagma Up to Omonia Square

Updated: 2014-06-10 / (visitgreece.gr)

Syntagma Square

Panepistimiou Avenue (Eleftheriou Benizelou)

One of the oldest streets initially designed as boulevard (former name Voulevartou Str.) and one of the busiest streets in Athens as it connects Syntagma Square with Omonia Square. Some of the most remarkable and representative public buildings in Athens, many of which are typical trademarks of the city, are built on this wide avenue.


Metochiko Tameio Stratou Building (Army Share Fund Building).

It is an imposing mansion occupying the whole construction area between Panepistimiou, Voukourestiou, Amerikis and Stadiou Streets. It was built in the period of 1927-1938 in the place of the royal stables. Its exterior facets are of art deco style and there is a small arcade with many shops in the middle. It was recently reconstructed as a mall and a block of offices, while it still has three operating theater halls ("Pallas", "Mikro Pallas" and "Aliki"), coffee places and restaurants.

Iliou Melathron (12 Panepistimiou Str.). It is considered to be the most beautiful neoclassic building of Athens. It was constructed in 1879 by E. Ziller as the residence of German archeologist and philhellene E. Schliemann. It is of cinquecento style and has a twin ladder in its north facet, while Ionic column rows decorate the front facet and the two other floors. Its interior is decorated with “Pompey” frescos and drawings depicting sceneries and findings from Troy. Areios Pagos (the supreme court of Greece) was housed in Iliou Melathron in 1927, while nowadays it houses the Numismatic Museum.

Archeological Society Mansion. It is a five storey building of later classical style decorated with Ionic columns in its entrance. It is located at the corner of Omirou Str. and houses Athens Archeological Society.

Aghios Dionisios Catholic Church (1853-1865). It was designed by L. von Klenze and L. Kaftantzoglou and is a three aisled basilica with a portico in its south side and five cyclic arches (it is located in the corner of Omirou Str.).

Athens Ophthalmiatric Clinic (Panepistimiou and Sina Streets). It is and impressive building (1854) with mixed elements of Byzantine and neoclassic architecture. The initial designs were made by Ch. Hansen with some alterations from L. Kaftantzoglou and were planning a single storey building, but many years after (during the 1860’s) another floor was added.

Bank of Greece Mansion (21 Panepistimiou Str.). It is an impressive building occupying a whole residential block. Its construction began in 1933 and it was inaugurated in 1938. The money exchange offices still preserve their minimal but imposing features, and the interwar atmosphere.

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