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Updated: 2014-06-12 / (visitberlin.de)

From the “Golden Twenties” to the architecture of the New Berlin – Friedrichstraße is one of the city’s main arteries. In fact, you might even say: The whole of Berlin in one street. Take the Quartier 207 in Les Galeries Lafayette department store, for shopping and having a look at French fashion or the delicatessen department with specialities from France. The Quartier 206 next door is one of the beautiful and exclusive shopping addresses in Berlin with labels like Cerruti, Gucci or Louis Vuitton represented in the art déco style passage. Also there’s unique culture to be experienced in Friedrichstraße – in Dussmann the KulturKaufhaus (Culture Department Store). Spread over five floors, it offers everything you could desire in culture: books, music and films, games and audio books, gift articles, stationery material, sheet music and much more besides. While you’re rummaging around a shop like this, it’s easy to immerse yourself so much that you just forget what’s going on around you.




Friedrichstraße Berlin


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