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1. Berliner DDR Motorrad Museum

Updated: 2014-06-13 / (visitberlin.de)

The 1. Berliner DDR Motorrad Museum (“First GDR Motorcycle Museum in Berlin”) showcases over 140 motorcycles, scooters and mopeds from manufacturers that include DKW/IFA/MZ, Simson-Suhl, IWL and EMW on a-1,000-square-metre exhibition space. It has almost all of the models that were made during the GDR’s 40 years of producing two-wheelers. The museum showcases leisure bikes, sport bikes and racing bikes as well as special vehicles and bikes that were used by the authorities.

One of the museum’s highlights includes the several models of the “Schwalbe” cult scooter that are on display. Agnes Kraus, a beloved actress in the GDR, rode these bikes through villages when she played the role of “Sister Agnes”. Another rarity that’s on display is Ära Honecker’s escort motorcycle, complete with the original GDR emblem on the casing. Only 60 of these bikes were produced, 30 of which were exported to Hungary.


Address: Rochstraße 14c  10178 Berlin Mitte

Tel: +4930-24045725


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