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Toulouse-Lautrec exibithion in the Museum of Fine Arts

Updated: 2014-06-16 / (wtcf.travel)

Works linked to the theatre would form a separate section: posters and cast lists and the depiction of theatrical scenes (e.g. Sarah Berhardt or Marcelle Lender in their famous roles) or the audience itself.

The world of brothels features in a distinct unit with the oil painting The Ladies in the Dining-room as the focus - purchased by the museum in 1913 from the exhibition staged at Ernst Museum - in addition to the 1896 series of lithographs Elles (Girls), depicting with unusual empathy the intimate moments of those living on the brink of society.

The last part of the exhibition would place individuality and the world of stars at its centre by illustrating the most important performers, singers and dancers of fin-de-siècle Paris (Aristide Bruant, Jane Avril, Loïe Fuller, Marcel Lender, Yvette Guilbert), in whose careers the works of Toulouse-Lautrec played a key role.

Paris of the “belle époque” can also be evoked by archive photographs, films or even musical inserts integrated into the exhibition.

The Collection of Prints and Drawings is able to give a broader context to Toulouse-Lautrec’s graphic oeuvre by involving the artworks of other contemporaries (such as Bonnard, Steinlen or Ibels).

Locality: Museum of Fine Arts

Phone number: +3614697100

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