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Goubuli Baozi

Updated: 2014-07-05 / (exploringtianjin.com)

 [Photo from exploringtianjin.com]
[Photo from exploringtianjin.com]

Goubuli Baozi (Goubuli steamed stuffed bun)

As one of China’s time-honored brands, the Goubuli Baozi enjoys great fame around the globe. The steamed stuffed bun could be found in overseas markets as early as the 60s. Gobuli Baozi is also translated as the Gobelieve Baozi. It tastes delicious and is exquisite in workmanship as well.


  Name of Branch



Goubuli Shandong Road Store(Head Store)

South of Tianjin Department Store, Heping District


Goubuli Food Street Store

No.1,Building A, Nanshi Food and Hotel Street, Rongye Ave.


Goubuli Heping Road Store

No.322, Heping Road


Goubuli North Shuishang Road Store

North Shuishang Road


Goubuli Shiyijing Road Store

No.107, Bawei Road


Goubuli Grand Hotel Tianjin Store

No. 74, Mu’nan Street


Goubuli Jinwan Square Store

Building B, Jinwan Square, Intersection of North Jiefang Road and Chifeng Street













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