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Seodaemun Independence Park

Updated: 2014-07-21 / (visitseoul.net)

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Seodaemun Independence Park is a historic cultural site comprising a range of historic monuments and buildings. It includes the Independence Gate (founded in 1897 by the Independence Club), Independence Hall, and the Declaration of Independence Monument (independence activities and peaceful demonstrations on 1st March 1919 in the Japanese occupation). It also houses many memorials and statues to commemorate the activists who fought for Korea’s independence during the Japanese occupation. Seodaemun Prison, one of the prisons from that era, has been transformed into a monument to the memory of those who participated in the struggle for the nation’s freedom. Known as Seodaemun Prison History Museum, it has assembled a great number of relics and records from that era, and enables people to learn about this dark period in the nation’s history and about its patriotic heroes.

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