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Kota Tua

Updated: 2014-07-25 / (jakarta-tourism.go.id)

On this 1.3 square kilometers of land, - today part of north and west Jakarta, - is where the Dutch built a fortress, a city wall, canals and administrative buildings.

Center of Old Batavia was the Municipal Hall, known as Stadhuis, fronted by a large plaza, known as Stadhuisplein, that has a fountain in its center that supplied water to the surrounding buildings. Today the plaza is called the Fatahillah Square and the Stadhuis has become the Fatahillah Museum which houses the complete history of the growth of the city of Jakarta.

Around the square are important buildings. On the East side was the Court of Justice, which is now the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics. Here you will find paintings of Indonesia’s maestro painter Raden Saleh as well as those of the more contemporary painter, Basuki Abdullah, Affandi and more.

To the west you can find the Wayang Museum that was once owned by the large Dutch company Geo Wehry.

Nearby is the Kota Railway Station, also known as the Beos Station. This is an art deco building, which continues to be in use and still retains its original architecture. While to the north are a number of commercial buildings which now house the Museum Mandiri and the Bank Indonesia Museum.


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