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  • Batavia

    The oldest part of Jakarta lies on the North West coast of Java where the Ciliwung river pours out into the Bay of Jakarta.

  • Kota Tua

    On this 1.3 square kilometers of land is where the Dutch built a fortress, a city wall, canals and administrative buildings.

  • Merdeka Square

    With the growth of the city, the Dutch expanded Batavia further south to present-day Merdeka Square.

  • National Archives Building

    The elegant red brick National Archives Museum is located on busy Jalan Gajah Mada.

  • The Istiqlal Mosque

    The grand Istiqlal Mosque of Jakarta, was inspired by Indonesia’s first President, Soekarno, but took 17 years in construction.

  • The National Monument

    The National Monument stands proudly in the center of the 1 square kilometer Merdeka Square, symbolizing the hard-fought struggle of the Indonesian people to gain their Independence.

  • Lapangan Banteng

    A little way down from the Merdeka Palace lies the Banteng Square, in front of which stands the Ministry of Finance, which was originally built as the Palace for Governor General Daendels.

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