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Health and Safety

Updated: 2014-07-30 / (visitmorocco.com)

Morocco is an easy destination. In terms of health and safety, a trip here only requires the same rules to be observed as back home.

Health and safety

When traveling the body can be more sensitive before it adapts. Remember to wash your hands frequently, do not consume water which has not been opened in front of you and avoid ice cubes. As everywhere else in the world, stomach upsets come from water or food which is not cooked enough or badly washed.

Respectful tourism

Whereas Morocco is resolutely committed to the path of progress, the modern customs of young people should not make them more familiar and less respectful. Contact should occur with a spirit of openness and respect for traditional customs.

Simple rules

As for any journey, prepare photocopies of your identity papers and keep them separately. Also keep a list of useful telephone numbers, in case you loose your credit card for example. It is always useful to know the details of diplomatic contacts for your country. They can point you towards health professionals. Respect customs, and, of course, applicable laws and regulations.

Relax but be prudent

Safety rules to be observed are common sense. Your valuables and money must be discreet – always try to keep them in pockets close to your body. The safety of tourists is a priority here. The vigilance of the police and the severity of prosecutions represent an effective and highly dissuasive system. Morocco knows how to take care of its guests.


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