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  • Activities

    The array of perks in Rabat is broad.

  • A Paradise of Well-being

    Regular visits to the hammam are an unmissable ritual to ensure well-being in Morocco.

  • Festivals Galore

    In Rabat, the year is brimming with a wide variety of events and festivals.

  • Morocco’s Golf Courses

    Enjoy the pleasures of golf throughout Morocco, whatever your level of skills is.

  • Military Ceremonies

    Cannon shots are fired the evening before the main religious festivals.

  • Argan Oil

    Get to experience the pleasure of an argan-oil massage in a hammam.

  • Hassan II Trophy

    A globally renowned event in a setting of beauty rarely seen on the greens.

  • Contemporary Art

    Discover the many art galleries displaying our artists' talent and energy.

  • Culture

    Here, many art galleries are set up in the entry ways to monuments.

  • The Candles Festival

    Every year the city of Salé celebrates its saint during the Candles Festival.

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