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Money, Exchanging Currency and Banks

Updated: 2014-07-30 / (visitmorocco.com)

The national currency in Morocco is the dirham. It cannot be converted outside the Kingdom's borders, so don't forget to exchange money or bring other means of payment.

Currency exchange

The importation and exportation of Moroccan currency is strictly forbidden. However there is no limit on the importation of foreign currency. On presentation of your exchange permit, you can exchange the international currency of your choice for dirhams.

Where can you change money?

There are bureaux de change in airports, certain hotels and most banks. Some counters require your passport for the transaction. Remember to change the dirhams you have left before leaving. You cannot do this for more than 50% of the amount exchanged for your vacation.

Advantage of credit/charge cards

Find out from your bank where you can withdraw cash with your credit/charge card. Banking establishments in large Moroccan cities are often equipped with ATMs. Exchange money as you need it. The vast majority of purchases or services are paid for in cash, after the usual negotiation…


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