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Language and Key Vocabulary

Updated: 2014-07-30 / (visitmorocco.com)

[Photo from visitmorocco.com]

[Photo from visitmorocco.com]

Arabic is the language used in Morocco, but you will also be understood in French and Spanish in many places.

Modern and spoken Arabic

Spoken Moroccan Arabic is the product of the country's historic and cultural influences. It includes expressions and words of Berber origin in everyday language. Modern Arabic is used by government, the media, the justice system, culture, religion as well as politics.

Foreign languages

Geographical proximity and history make Spanish and French languages known by many Moroccans. In Tangier, Tétouan and Chefchaouen, the language of Cervantès is widely spoken. Meanwhile French is the country's first foreign language and is spoken throughout the country.

A few common words in Moroccan Arabic

Yes = na’am/lyyeh

No = la

Thank you = choukran, barak el-lah fik

Okay = ouakha

Please = min fadlak / afak

Goodbye = be-slama

Good morning = sebah-el-kheir

Excuse me = smeh-li

How much is that? = chhal / chhal el-tamane

I do not understand = ma fhemt-ch


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