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Photo from gotowuhan.com

Donghu is the largest inner-city lake in China and a national AAAA tourist area. Chairman Mao visited Donghu 44 times. The tourist area has five parks: Tingtao, Moshan, Chuidi, Luoyan and Ma'anshan Forest Parks. It is one of the national civilized scenic spots and one of the first group of national key scenic spots.

Address: Donghu Lake, Wuhan

Transportation: Get off at Donghu Liyuan, Moshan, Meiyuan or other nearby stops. By Tramway take No. 8 or Bus No.14, 108, 401, 402, 411, 413, 515, 537, 573, 578, 605, 701 or 712

Ticket: Moshan: 40 yuan ($7). Ma'anshan Forest Park: 10 yuan ($2). Luoyan: 10 yuan ($2). Donghu Sand Beach: 30 yuan ($5), Bayi Swimming Pool: 20 yuan ($4)

Consultation and Complaint Tel.

Management Committee: 86793760, Moshan: 87510179, Tingtao: 86792866, Ma'anshan Forest Park: 87804351, Luoyan: 86430462

Website: www.whdonghu.com


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