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The site of the August 7 meeting

Updated: 2014-08-04 / (wtcf.travel)

 [Photo from guidebook.youtx.com]

The site of the August 7 meeting is a three-story western building, originally built as a lodging houseby the British in 1920. The building, named the Yihe New House, has a store owned by foreign merchants on the first floor. Condos are on the second and third floors..

The building is known for a special meeting that took place in 1927 when the Communist Party of China held a center emergency meeting. The meeting helped to define the task of the new Communist Party of China in the new period with the help of the Communist International organization.

On the second floor is the residence of the agricultural consultant of the Soviet Union. The important meeting was held in his residence. The meeting site remains in good condition with the meeting room well restored and historical artifacts on display. Both Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, as the secretary, participated in the meeting. At this meeting Mao uttered the famous phrase, “power grows from the barrel of the gun”.

The site of the August 7 Meeting is located at No.139, Boyang Street, Wuhan city, Hubei province. Yu the Great Mythological Park, the former site of the Wuhan National Government, is also in the area. Visitors can get there by Bus No.1, 24, 38, 301 or 520.


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