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Jüdisches Museum (Jewish Museum Berlin)

Updated: 2014-08-19 / (visitberlin.de)

Jewish life and history

The Jewish Museum is quite possibly one of the most exciting examples of contemporary architecture in Berlin. Opened on 9 September 2001, the form and style of the museum reflect a complex concept consisting of ciphers, codes and philosophical themes.

The zigzag-like Jewish Museum is based on a design by American architect Daniel Libeskind and, on account of its rugged, almost windowless outside, it resembles a shattered Star of David. In addition to the exhibition rooms, the interior contains the windowless Holocaust Tower. Outside can be found the Garden of Exile, where pillars have been set up on a sloping level, thus reflecting the isolation and disorientation of life in exile. The main axis, known as the "void," cuts a swathe through the various departments of the museum, thus highlighting the emptiness of, or perhaps better expressed, that is no longer visible in Jewish history.

Since January 1999, the Jewish Museum has been open to public, although it was initially still "empty," nevertheless it was met with great interest on behalf of the public. In September 2001, the permanent exhibition was opened, which focuses on the history of German Jews.

Info for school classes

One tour of 60 minutes cost 30 euros per group (max. 15 pupils). Entrance free for one teacher per group.


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