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Museum Island

Updated: 2014-08-19 / (visitberlin.de)

The Museum Island in Berlin is the northern tip of the Spree Island - and it is also a magnificent work of art itself, involving five world-renowned museums gathered in an extraordinary ensemble. Many oustanding exhibits include the Nefertitit and the Pergamon frieze.

Since 1999, the museum complex in the city centre of Berlin has been the only architectural and cultural ensemble that is considered a part of UNESCO world heritage. At the southern part of the island, near the Schlossbrücke bridge and the Berlin Cathedral, the Altes Museum (Old Museum) can be found, which is located nearby the Lustgarten. In the northern part, there is the New Museum as well as the Alte Nationalgalerie. On the Kupfergraben side of the island can be found the Pergamon Museum. And last but not least there is the Bode- Museum.

The five museums of Museum Island Berlin

· Pergamonmuseum

· Bode-Museum

· Neues Museum

· Alte National galerie

· Altes Museum

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