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Impression Liu Sanjie

Updated: 2015-03-02 / (wtcf.travel)

[Photo from guilin.com]

The Impression Liu Sanjie show is funded by the Guilin Guangwei Wenhua Tourism and Culture Co Ltd, directed by famous Wang Chaoge, Zhang Yimou and Fan Yue, and produced by Mei Shuaiyuan – a national first-grade scenarist, founder of the real landscape show and the chairman of landscape cultural institutions.

The production was completed after five and a half years of hard work.

The show is a brand new fixture in the setting of the Li River, which is home to the culture of minority nationalities in Guangxi and many elite Chinese artists. The show adopts the first new concept of “real landscapes show” in China.

The show has made great improvements in terms of performance and vision by combining artistic quality, nationality and vision.

Impression Liu Sanjie adopts the largest scale of environmental art lights engineering in China and unique haze effect engineering, to create a dreamy and poetic visual effect.

The lighting and acoustic systems used at the show all adopt hidden type design and are in harmony with the environment. The stage on the water is constructed from bamboo raft, which can be disassembled into pieces and hidden, leaving no negative impact on the Li River riverbed.

The drum-tower, the wind and rain bridge and VIP auditorium were built on 100 mu (6.7 hectares) of construction land. Pitons were not used during the construction process; a major feat in engineering.

The auditorium is constructed to the shape of terrace fields, with a 180 degree panoramic vision. Audiences can watch the performance within a range of two kilometers and the auditorium is designed to enable quick evacuation of the public in case of flood.

There a total of 2,200 seats for audiences, of which there are 180 VIP seats and 20 presidential seats. The number of actors is over 600; all of whom have received special training.

The costumes on set are colorful and include different outfits from different ethnic group such as like the Zhuang nationality, Yao nationality and the Miao nationality.

Characters of the scenic spot:

It is the biggest real landscape show in the world, and a visual feast with combinations of national and modern elements.


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