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Guilin Jinlongzhai Catering Company

Updated: 2015-03-06 / (wtcf.travel)

[Photo from guilin.com]

Guilin Jinlongzhai Catering Company is one of the largest catering groups in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The Jinlongzhai brand initiated in May 1997 and later, in 2000, the Guilin Jinlongzhai Catering Company was officially established. After ten years of development, the corporation has become a large catering group with unique cottage culture, integrating Guangxi Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine, Hunan Cuisine and Sichuan Cuisine.

With its unique catering culture and brand image, Jinlongzhai is winning larger market shares. Now, the group owns 20 member companies scattered in such cities as Guilin, Nanning, Liuzhou, Yangshuo, Hezhou, Beihai, Qinzhou, hechi, Guigang and Yulin.

Adhering to the principle of seeking steady development, Jinlongzhai catering group will continue to cooperate with enterprises both at home and abroad, and strive to forge a well-known Chinese brand making world-class delicacies.


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