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  • Abuja City's Asokoro District

    Asokoro District is the most significant of all the districts, housing all of the state's lodges/guest houses, therefore containing the highest concentration of government officials at any given time.

  • Abuja City's Gwarimpa District

    Gwarimpa is the last district located in the Abuja Municipal Area Council. It contains the largest single housing estate in Nigeria, called the Gwarimpa Housing Estate.

  • Malls in Abuja

    There are quite a range of luxury malls around Abuja City.

  • Other Hotels

    other hotels in Abuja

  • Wuse Market

    Want to experience the local culture? Then why don’t you go where to locals go.

  • Taxis

    Taxis in Abuja are relatively safe and easy to use.

  • Driving

    Occasionally, traffic lights stop working during power outages and traffic wardens are deployed to critical junctions.

  • KIllimanjaro

    Regular local fast food

  • Nkoyo

    A place to meet and Dine, Uniquely Nigerian

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