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  • A1 CLUB Table

    A1 Club features a variety of lamps, for example, antique lamps, fashionable lamps and birdcage-shaped lamps drooping from the roof.

  • Babyface Bar

    BABY FACE features brilliant colors and concise lines.

  • SOHO Bar

    SOHO Bar, a large-scale chain bar,has upgradeed local entertainment industry to form "SOHO"/destination/ economic circles.

  • Authentic Irish Style

    Ireland is world renowned for bar culture and Irish bars are popular in over a hundred tourism cities scattered in the world, including Guangzhou.

  • Bense Bar - Scenery on the River

    The Pearl River is decorated with neon light. When talking of the nightlife in Guangzhou, we can’t ignore the grandeur here.

  • Elephant & Castle Pub

    This is a mild and cozy football bar just as the temperament of elephant.

  • Hale Performance Bar

    Hale western restaurant (Hale Brazil Barbecue Buffet)offers featuring authentic Brazil barbecues buffet.

  • Guangzhou One Way Bar

    One Way is neither a traditional bar only for drinking and fun, nor a dating bar in China.

  • The Hill Bar

    The Hill Bar boasts a variety of wines, a dozen of Scotch and Irish whiskey as the star products, as well as foreign beers and wines that are rare in other bars.

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