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  • Hilton Guangzhou Baiyun Hotel (Wanda)

    Hilton Guangzhou Baiyun Hotel is located in Wanda Plaza at the foot of Baiyun Mountain.

  • Dongfang Hotel

    Dongfang Hotel has been one of the best hotels in Guangzhou.

  • Guangdong Asia International Hotel

    The Asia International Hotel is located on East Huanshi Road, a CBD in Guangzhou.

  • White Swam Hotel Guangzhou

    White Swam Hotel is located in the south of the Shamian Island, where is acclaimed as the "Shangri-la"/destination/ in downtown Guangzhou.

  • Chimelong Hotel Guangzhou

    Chimelong Hotel Guangzhou is a super large resort hotel of international standard for conference and holiday recreation affiliated to Chimelong Group.

  • The Garden Hotel Guangzhou

    The Garden Hotel Guangzhou is one of the three "platinum five-star hotels"/destination/ initially rated in China and the only one in South China.

  • Jianguo Hotel Guangzhou

    The Hotel boasts elegant environment and a full range of amenities.

  • Guangdong Hot Spring Hotel

    Guangdong Hot Spring Hotel is famous for its unique sodium bicarbonate hot spring, which has won good reputation of "No. 1 hot spring in Lingnan".

  • Guangzhou W Hotel

    The first W Hotel on the mainland was opened in Guangzhou recently, which was really of significance in the industry.

  • Baiyun Hotel

    Baiyun Hotel provides spacious and well-designed guestrooms, which are equipped with mini-bars and statllite channels.

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