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  • MITO Festival 2015

    The MI-TO music festival, held every year in the cities of Milan and Turin during the month of September is now part of a limited number of essential must-attend musical events.

  • Lights And Colors In The Cathedral

    In the Milan Duomo you will be able to live an unforgettable and fascinating experience.

  • Church Of San Gottardo In Corte

    The church was dedicated to the Saint Gottardo by the nobleman and patron Azzone Visconti in 1336.

  • Summer at Sforza Caste

    For the entire summer the Castello Sforzesco will be transformed into a mega-stage.

  • Walkways on the roof of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

    This restoration of the existing walkway on the roof fulfils Mengoni’s dream to offer the Milanese and visitors from all over the world a chance to admire the stunning city views.

  • Expo Milano 2015

    Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

  • Cobianchi Lounge

    The Ex Cobianchi space will become "Expo city Lounge"/destination/, a stable point of reference for operators, artists and the public in the heart of Milan during the Expo 2015.

  • EXPO in the city

    Throughout 2015 the municipality of Milan will sponsor a major artistic and cultural exhibition programme that constitutes the core of the Art agenda for “Expo in Città 2015.”

  • Teatro Nuovo 2014/2015 season

    The Teatro Nuovo reopens its doors in September with the new programme for the 2014 - 2015,season to present the public with great quality shows.

  • Teatro Manzoni - Season 2014 - 2015

    October sees the curtain open on the new Teatro Manzoni season, a historic theatre that is always prepared to innovate its playbill and offer the audiences the best on the contemporary theatre scene.

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