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  • The Bolshoi Theatre

    The Bolshoi Theater is still one of the greatest theatres in the world, with its own proud traditions and unforgettable atmosphere.

  • Children's Musical Theater

    This acclaimed and unusual theatre was the brainchild of Natalia Sats, a woman who devoted her life to children's theatre as a producer and director.

  • The Helikon Opera

    The Helikon, like the New Opera, is an extremely young company, founded only in 1990 by Dmitry Bertman.

  • The Moscow New Opera Theatre

    This 700-seat, extremely well-equipped theatre inspires very mixed reactions among opera experts.

  • The State Kremlin Palace

    What was once the Palace of Congresses is now Moscow's biggest and most "prestigious"/destination/ concert hall, as well as playing host to large official functions and events.

  • The Moscow Operetta Theatre

    Nowadays the classics are performed alongside an increasing number of musicals.

  • The Andrei Rublev Museum of Ancient Russian Art

    This unique museum is the resting place for some of the most precious examples of Russian Orthodox art.

  • The State Pushkin Museum of Visual Art

    The museum's greatest treasures are to be found in its collection of European art from 1600.

  • The State Tretyakov Gallery

    This spectacular museum is an essential destination for budding Russophiles and all visitors to Moscow.

  • Theaters & Concert Halls in Moscow

    Moscow is rightly considered one of Theatre's world capitals, even though the city's theatrical heritage dates back only to the middle of the 18th century.

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