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  • Beer

    Beer is one of the most popular beverages in Latvia, it has been brewed here since ancient times.

  • Birch Tree Juice

    One of the spring traditions in Latvia is tapping of birch tree juice.

  • Bread soup

    If a dessert very characteristic to traditional Latvian cuisine should be named, it would be bread soup.

  • Clavis Riga

    Riga has its own official cocktail – Clavis Riga.

  • Edible Amber

    Latvia's traditional souvenir - amber - is now available not only in beautiful ornaments, paintings or crockery, but also as candy!

  • Hemp-seed butter

    Hemp-seed butter usually is made of sweet-cream butter and hemp seeds that are crushed and added to the butter.

  • Pearl barley porridge

    Latvians say about them-selves that they are great eaters, therefore rich dishes are characteristic to the traditional Latvian cuisine.

  • Riga Black Balsam

    Slightly bitter scent reminding of summer even in mid-winter, golden brown colour and unmistakeable taste - Riga Black Balsam is Latvia's most characteristic alcoholic drink.

  • Rīgas Sparkling Wine

    For decades Riga is proud of its unique Rīgas Sparkling Wine.

  • Rye-bread

    The unique and delicious Latvian-made rye-bread gorgeously smells like a cornfield and a wood stove.

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