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    Orchid World Theme Park

    The largest tropical orchid theme park- Sanya Orchid World – is located in Tianya Town in west Sanya.

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    Yalong Bay Tropical Forest Park

    The forest falls into two types: tropical evergreen rainforest and tropical semi-deciduous monsoon forest.

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    Nantian Ecological Garden

    In the garden, you can enjoy the overwhelming landscape of the mountain, forest and sea.

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    Yalong Bay Underwater World

    It is designed to be a large-scale marine tourism resort featuring underwater sightseeing and other entertainment activities.

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    Yalong Bay Butterfly Valley

    Yalong Bay Butterfly Valley is home to thousands of bright-colored beautiful butterflies.

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    The Ancient Yazhou City

    The Ancient Yazhou City is today’s Yacheng Town of Sanya, located 40 kilometers west of Sanya, at the foot of Mount Nanshan.

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