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    Shell Carving

    Some colorful shells are kept with their original appearance or carved and inlaid into exquisite shell carvings.

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    Island Clothing

    Island Clothing has become a symbol of Hainan Island, which reflects the passion of this tropical island.

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    Dried Seafood

    Surrounded by the sea, Hainan boasts abundant marine products.

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    Hainan Yellow Pear Wood

    With tough wood, delicate grains and a faint scent, the Hainan yellow pear wood is a kind of high-quality jacaranda, showing a combination of hardness and flexibility.

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    Li Brocade

    Known as the “living fossil” in the history of Chinese textiles, the Li brocade is the earliest textile in China.

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    Tropical fruits and dried food

    It is fair to call Hainan the “Fruit Basket of God”, so it is a must-do to taste all kinds of tropical fruits whilst travelling here.

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    Special Tea of Hainan

    Besides the traditional black tea and green tea, Hainan also grows many other kinds of tea beneficial to your health.

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    Coconut Carving

    Coconut carvings are handicrafts made of coconut shells in various creative and interesting shapes.

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    Coconut trees in Hainan are fruitful all-year round.

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    Hainan pearls enjoy the reputation of being “The Treasure of Hainan” and “The Champion of Southern Pearls”.

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