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  • Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center

    Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center not only has a large group of professional creators including scriptwriters, directors, actors and stage creators, but also has three different-size and full-function professional performance theaters.

  • Stadium name: Shanghai Concert Hall (Sub-stadium: Shanghai Concert Hall Theater)

    Established in 1930 with original name Nanjing Grand Theater, the Shanghai Concert Hall is the first theater to screen foreign films; the first run of it is the musical film Broadway of Universal Studios.

  • Stadium name: Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena

    Established along river, Mercedes-Benz Arena haughtily stands at the core area of the Shanghai Expo Park in a flying posture; it is next to Expo axis and China Pavilion.

  • The First Total-Sense Interactive-Experience Theater in China

    Gong Stage ET Space is the former Shanghai Gong Stage which was established in 1927.

  • Shanghai Grand Theatre

    The Shanghai Grand Theatre is located at the intersection of People's Boulevard and South Huangpi Rd. in northern part of the People's Square in Huangpu District, Shanghai.

  • Sensing Audio-Visual Shock in the Top Theater of Shanghai

    Studio City is the first theater located in market; it owns 6 video halls including one digital video hall; the biggest video hall is equipped with 388 seats and the smallest with 132 seats.

  • Stadium name: Shanghai Art Theater

    Shanghai Art Theater is located at the junction of Jiangning Road and Kangding Road in Jingan District; established in 2001, it is next to Jingan Sports Center.

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